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Rejecting a leased car - k3lvc
Current car is leased from the finance division of the manufacturer with leasing company as the owner/registered keeper. After a number of visits to the dealer for different, significant issues which are now escalating it's time to consider rejecting. Leasing company are denying all blame saying it's up to me to reject via the supplying dealer whereas my view is that I have a contract for them to provide me with a working vehicle.

I've searched to no avail for any similar cases so can anyone suggest the best way forward ?

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Rejecting a leased car - Happy Blue!
Perhaps one way to deal with it is to stop paying the lease charges each month - park the car up and use a different mode of transport. Write to them and tell them what you have done and they can collect teh car. quote "Breach of Contract"??
Rejecting a leased car - Dwight Van Driver
Suggest you have a word with Trading Standards to see how you stand in relation to Sale of goods and Services Act.

Rejecting a leased car - k3lvc
>> Suggest you have a word with Trading Standards to see how you stand in relation
to Sale of goods and Services Act.


Thats the next step - I was just looking for anyone with previous experience so I'm prepared.
Rejecting a leased car - movilogo
Can you tell us which problems you are facing with the car? To reject a car, you need to prove that it is not fit for purpose (ie. doesn't start or will be dangerous to drive on road etc.)
Rejecting a leased car - Falkirk Bairn
You deal with the leasing Co who are the owners. you rent from them - you can reject the car as unfit for purpose - it is up to the leasing co to argue for the money back from the manufacturer.

To reject the car you must show the car is faulty and that you have taken the car to the franchise garage who have failed 9on more than a few occasions ) to put matters right.

The car needs to be fir for purpose or you can return it.

If the car is leased it will be owned probably by the leasing co who are more probably owned by a Bank that the actual manufacturer.
Rejecting a leased car - Bill Payer
Is this a business lease or a personal one?

If it's a business lease then bear in mind consumer legislation doesn't apply in the same way as it does to private customers. You'll have to rely more on breach of contract.

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