1998 2.3 Lowered suspension too low - R Driver
My 1998 Volvo V70R is fantastic in every respect except one, the standard lowered suspension and ride height is too low and offers hardly any ground clearance when I have only a small load in the car. Can anyone give an opinion on my suggestion of replacing the coil springs and shock absorbers both front and rear for standard V70 type which obviously will not be the lowered "R" design, in trying to achieve a higher ground clearance, or is that too simple an idea to work? I have tried asking both my local Volvo dealer and some suspension components suppliers the same question but they have all been unsure for some reason - I guess it is because they don't want to suggest that I buy parts that they are not sure if, when fitted, will achieve the increase in height that I'm looking for. Can you help ?
1998 2.3 Lowered suspension too low - Etv70
I may be wrong, but I think that the 'R' came with the estate pack as standard, so it had automatically leveling rear suspension for when you loaded it up. however, on a car this old, it may have given up, as our V70s has.
1998 2.3 Lowered suspension too low - Armitage Shanks {p}
If you do change anything, as opposed to repair or replace with similar parts, don't forget to tell your insurer. What you do might count as a modification to the standard spec!