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2003 1.8 Engine power loss when indicating - limur
My 53 reg Primera 1.8 petrol has a loss of engine power when indicating (right only!) e.g I'm on a dual carriageway, go to overtake, indicate right, put the foot down/pull out, and I get this intermittent loss of pull from the engine - in time with the indicator!
I had previously noticed when I was indicating right that the small fog lamp symbol on the dash was flickering, so I removed the fog lamp bulb (which is in the rear right side light cluster) - this cured the power loss problem, for a while - now it's back (have never replaced the fog lamp bulb).
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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53 1.8 Engine power loss when indicating - elekie&a/c doctor
I would suggest you take a close inspection of the connectors to both rear light clusters.An erroneous signal into the brake light circuit will cause the engine ecu to think you are braking and cause a loss of power.Unfortunately these late Nissans have inherited the poor electrics from the Renault models.hth
53 1.8 Engine power loss when indicating - huan
hello mate,

i have got a 55 plate primera 1.8s. i had exactly same problem as yours. did you finally resolve the problem?

l leave my mobile phone number here, i really want to have a chat with you.


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53 1.8 Engine power loss when indicating - McP
As previously suggested, check the wiring to the rear lights.

Have a look on NPOC.co.uk
It has been covered a few times.
2003 1.8 Engine power loss when indicating - Steve L
I too had a Primera 1.8s 2003 with this same power loss problem - but yesterday it was fixed.

Got in touch with Huan on the forum who had the same problem - he pointed me in the direction of the wiring harnesses to the rear light clusters.

I always thought that the cars management system controlled the back lights etc but it doesn't - the computer senses when the brake lights for instance are on and acts accordingly - in this case dropping the power as - obviously - you are stopping.

OK until there is a short to the brake light circuit - like from the indicators - you can guess the rest.

The Auto electrician removed the clusters unplugged them - checked the plug - there was at least one loose pin which he resoldered and replaced.

Also removed the back of the cluster itself. Evidently there is some sort of circuit board there - again he found a couple of loose wires and resoldered.

After doing both clusters - Fixed! Evidently this isn't just a problem with the Primera - in fact this was his first - can happen to many cars - "wear - tear and weather" he said.

The cost? £45 + VAT and 30 minutes. Sorted!

2003 1.8 Engine power loss when indicating - bell boy
thanks for the heads up Steve L
2003 1.8 Engine power loss when indicating - McP
There is a modified loom available from Nissan for the rear lights for around £30.

I thought it would have been a bad earth (it is usually the black earth wire that corrodes) causing odd signals on the canbus?

Good your car is sorted. £45 seems a good price.
2003 1.8 Engine power loss when indicating - rash
and my 53reg petrol slow down turnig right, fog lamp signal comes on when braking, if you have any information about problem about the back wireing which could effect the loss of power regards rash


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