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2004 1.8 Programming two key fobs - ck
I am having a problem with a new car I have bought. When I bought the car it only had one key fob and a key. I recently purchased another key fob so my wife can has her own set rather than have just a key. I have managed to program the immobiliser no problem but when programming the central locking it knocks out the programming in the other fob for example when programming the new key this works fine but then the orignal key doesn't operate. My questions are can you have more than one keyfob per car and has anyone else ever come across the problem and if so how did you solve it?


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2004 1.8 Programming two key fobs - kithmo
You need two keys to program another, if when you say you have one key fob and a key you mean one remote key and one smaller key with a blue chip in it then that is ok.
When you reprogram the new key you have to reprogram the old key at the same time, i.e. enter the programming mode, press the remote on the new key, then press the remote on the old key as well before leaving programming mode.
You can have more than one remote key, the later 2005 facelift cars come with two remotes, I have three.

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2004 1.8 Programming two key fobs - ck

Your a pure genius. Thank you very very much for your reply it worked first time and you've saved me so much hassle.

Thanks again.

2004 1.8 Programming two key fobs - jc2
The later ones have two(or more)remotes because of a change to the locking/alarm system-you can lock/unlock the car with the key but the alarm can only be activated/de-activated with the remote.
2004 1.8 Programming two key fobs - lillboy
I have got a 2002 mondeo, I have lost the remote key. I only have to key with the small blue chip in, does this mean i have to go to a main dealer to get another key programmed.
any replies would be appreciated.

Thanks Wayne
2004 1.8 Programming two key fobs - Dynamic Dave
Is this any help?


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