Help to choose a small car - melstin
I'm looking to buy a small car which is mainly to be used in London. Both my daughters want to learn how to drive, so the vehicle must be easy to insure. I have £5,000 to spend.

I saw a 2005 Panda Eleganza at a Fiat dealer for some £4.5k and they would also give me a 1-year warranty in addition they would have the vehicle serviced and MOTed prior to delivery.

However, with similar or even less money I could buy a nearly new 2005 Corsa 1.2 Sxi, a Grande Punto, a Fiesta or a Mazda 2. There are loads around on Ebay, Autotrader, Exchange & Mart and so forth, often at ridiculously low prices.

Which one should I go for? My daughters want a new Fiat 500, but they are far too expensive at the moment.

Many thanks for your advice.

Help to choose a small car - Alby Back
I suppose any of your shortlist would be absolutely fine. I would probably err on the side of the Panda. Very well specced car in this trim and allegedly very good to drive. By way of an alternative you could get a brand new Ka for your budget. Great fun to drive. Easy controls, cheap insurance, very reliable, cheap to maintain / run and would come with a three year warranty. Oh, and easy to sell on when the time comes.
Help to choose a small car - retgwte
in london?

you want something with low emissions ie 35 quid road tax per year so that it qualifies for congestion charge excemption

such an excemption is going to be worth lots of money to you

panda diesel fits the bill if you can find one for the money

Help to choose a small car - melstin
I live inside the CC extension zone and the 200 quid a year I pay at the moment, do not justify the extra cost for the Panda diesel.

Help to choose a small car - retgwte
why not just get a new panda petrol then

about 5 K new in 1.1 form

or 5.5 K in 1.2 dynamic trim

at least u then get 3 year warranty etc

Help to choose a small car - retgwte



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