1991 1.8 Pierburg 2E Carb - Seanyb
Hi I have just bought a Golf Driver 1.8 my problem is that when it starts it revs at 2500 RPM and when the choke goes off the car revs at 1000rpm. I cannot seem to find any of the adjustment screws on the carb. Can anyone help me please? Either with diagrams and keys of the parts or where exactly i can find information. Has anyone else experienced any problems with this type of carb? Many thanks Seanyb
1991 1.8 Pierburg 2E Carb - ggh1
If your car has a Pierburg 28/30 2E2 carb, check that you have very hot water running through the choke cover. The cover should be too hot to touch. If the cover is cool you will need to replace an O ring between the inlet manifold and head. If all is OK you can adjust the tickover speed 2 ways, One by the idle speed control valve nut on the back of the throttle plate actuator or the throttle stop screw which might have an anti tamper cover over it.

1991 1.8 Pierburg 2E Carb - bathtub tom
I've got an old Kia that revs up to 2800 on fast tickover when it's cold. But it slowly reduces to about 600, then steadies at about 800 when it gets fully warm within a couple of miles.

It's all far too complicated to start messing about with, but I think I can understand what it's trying to do, and it seems to be doing it.
1991 1.8 Pierburg 2E Carb - Number_Cruncher
>>I cannot seem to find any of the adjustment screws on the carb.

Good!, they're almost certainly not the root cause of the problem.

As above, check the operation of the cold start system.

When you have found and fixed the fault, the idle and fast idle will return to being virtually correct, with at most a small tweak being required. By fiddling at this stage, you're actually making 2 jobs - one finding and fixing the real fault, and 2 re-adjusting the carb to remove the effects of ill-advised twiddling.


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