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R1150RT 2003 1150 - input shaft splines stripped. - shoei
My November 2003, 33000 miles 1150RT has let me down, big time. The splines on the gearbox input shaft have stripped. Do any of you know of issues with this 1150 engine gearbox set up? I think a 4 and a half year old bike should not fail like this, especially a tourer. I have serached the internet and there are a couple of cases, but I would expect not to many 1150`s have reached high enough mileage yet to fail? The bike has been BMW serviced since new and I feel BMW should repair the bike for free. Any help comments etc will be good. Thanks

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R1150RT 2003 1150 - input shaft splines stripped. - Pugugly

Have a look in here -there is a very good technical forum. (They have been known to help non-GSers - they have ruder word to describe themselves which wouldn't past muster here)
R1150RT 2003 1150 - input shaft splines stripped. - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}

This is a hot topic on the above site.
Someone has done a full analysis with pictures.
Not affected my BMW so far. Touch wood.

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