1999 1.0 - Cutting out on start-up - super333dooper
Hi Guys, I have a VW Polo - T Reg - 1999 - 1litre
(No alarm or electric windows... Very basic!)

When I start the car, it starts as normal and then cuts out straight away even if I keep the acceleration pressed.

This happens a few times (5 or 6) over the space of 5 to 10 mins and then starts as normal.

This has been an ongoing problem over the past month or two, but is now getting much worse and is nearly happening on a dialy basis.

I have recently had a service, oil change and spark plugs replaced.
(Also I am a newbie when it comes to car engines)

Any idea's or help appreciated,
Thanks in advance!

P.S. Also VW official garage are quoting 85+VAT... JUST TO HAVE A LOOK!!! (way too expensive for my budget!)

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1999 1.0 :: Cutting out on start-up :: - Railroad.
Sounds like an immobiliser problem......
1999 1.0 :: Cutting out on start-up :: - Railroad.
It's a transponder type factory fitted anti-theft immobiliser. There is a electronic chip in the key which is read by a receiver inside the steering column housing. If/when the signal is received from the key chip, the electronic engine management system is switched on and the engine can be started. If no, or the incorrect signal is received then the engine will not start. This means that if anyone unauthorised were to get a key cut with the intention of stealing your car, and even though they might be able to open the door and get in, they would not be able to start the engine and drive your car away.

Only on VWs in this situation the engine will start for a second and then cut out, exactly as you describe. If you were to check for ignition coil and fuel injector switching you'll find that you lose both at the same time.

I have attended a few of these and found that if you push the car for a few yards to a different location they often start. This might be due to some sort of outside interference that affects the immobiliser. It would seem that a dealer is your only option of a permanent cure though.....
1999 1.0 :: Cutting out on start-up :: - Pugugly
Or a reliable independent, plenty of VAG expertise outside the dealer network.
1999 1.0 :: Cutting out on start-up :: - TimOrridge
Spot on rail road

My dad had a problem with his A4, strated and cut out with orange light flashing. He managed to do his by wiggling key and fiddling with steering whell position (assuming yours has got that)
1999 1.0 :: Cutting out on start-up :: - maltrap
If you've got another key try it. My golf had a problem with the ignition switch, similair symptons.
1999 1.0 - Cutting out on start-up - super333dooper
Thanks for the input guys....

I have tried the second key (virtually brand new) same problems, and other people also reckon it's the immobliser.

Do you know if there is anyway to 'bypass' the immobilliser, as I am happy to live without it...??

Thanks again...
Super Dooper...
1999 1.0 - Cutting out on start-up - Screwloose

By all practical means - no. The engine ECU is coded to the immobilizer unit.

Call in an auto-locksmith.
1999 1.0 - Cutting out on start-up - Polo 1.3

Im facing the same problem and have gotten over it (Touch wood no problem from past 7 days).

Apart from all the things I saw on the net, I have done the following:

1. Checked the key for proper reading of the chip. The guy just put into the reader and took it out and said it works ok. (Dont know what it might have contributed).
2. My car was showing IN 02 on the odometer and I reset the same to IN 00 using the standard procedure in the Haynes Manual.
3. I noticed that the starting problem was more pronounced and frequent when the fuel was near to Empty and after I filled it up (full tank) from empty. So I started filling up when the fuel shows mid-way the fuel guage. (If the problem doesnot occur, I would like to pull down the Petrol Tank and give it a thorough cleaning as well as the fuel pump inside the Petrol tank).

You can mail me for further details : shantaram_putcha at yahoo dot com

Hope it helps you as well....
1999 1.0 - Cutting out on start-up - Polo 1.3

Finally I found the problem to be the Transponder unit on the Ignition Lock Barrel which is connected to the ECU.

The transponder unit was not reading my key intermittently. But once it reads properly, as long as you dont take the key out of the ignition barrel, it will not give any problem.

My work around was to keep the key in the ignition barrel and cover it with a cloth while I used the second key to lock the car from outside.

This worked very well except for the risk.

Meanwhile, the part costs 33 Pounds and replacing it is done from under the steering wheel.

Hope it helps

Warm regards,

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