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Warning of using aftermarket parts ref warranty - jlo
Hi All,

My wife ownes a Renault Scenic 04 VVT 1.6 petrol. Since we bought it as prereg (UK car) very occasionally you would hear a rattle on start up (May be once every 3-4 months) and then every thing would be fine.

Mentioned it at 18K Service but not recorded as jobcard.

Anyway car went out of warranty last September and I decided to google the fault and realise its a very common problem caused by the dephaser pully but will cost around £500 to fix. The good news was many people had theres fixed by Renault FOC as its a known fault.

The bad news is the day before rining them up and finding out this I had the car serviced at an inderpendant garage (Used correct Oil spec etc) however used unipart oil filter. This is not garage fault as it was out of warranty I did not specify for them to use OE parts.

Anyway Renault Customer services asked about this and now refuse to help at all.

So the moral of the story is even if your car is outside of warranty, may be worth asking your independant garage to use genuine parts as if something major goes wrong you are more likely to get a good will gesture from the manufacture.

I guess we live and learn!!

So our car is going to live with this occasional rattle now! Lived with it for the last 3 years so a few more should not matter!


Warning of using aftermarket parts ref warranty - qxman {p}

This is not true.

There was an excellent post many months ago by another poster 'Aprilia' which I have printed and kept.

Bascially it seems that manufacturers are NOT ALLOWED to specify that OE parts are used to retain warranty. The parts need only be of 'matching quality'. A link was given to a leaflet which explains it all. Here it is:

You can also have servicing done at independent garages without invalidating warranty.
ALL Unipart filters are of matching quality, therefore your warranty would be valid.
Complain to the OFT, they are apparently taking action where manufacturers are not complying with the law.

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Warning of using aftermarket parts ref warranty - Xileno {P}
The oil filter has nothing to do with the dephaser pulley - which is a common failure on the 1.6 VVT. I would push for a contribution but politely - they have no obligation to pay a penny.
Warning of using aftermarket parts ref warranty - doctorchris
Despite being serviced by an independent using non-Honda parts, the Honda dealer replaced the EGR valve on our Jazz outside warranty as it is a recognised fault.
Renault are messing you about and you should fight this issue as best you can.
Warning of using aftermarket parts ref warranty - niceguyeddy
Cheeky barstools !!!!!

I work for a large Dealer (not Renault) so take it from me they are having you on ... as someone else has already replied.

Not your fault its not on the jobcard all you have to do is report it .... however back to the main point.

So long as the filter is of the same quality then you dont have to fit "proper" Renault parts.

Ask them to reconsider if they still say no then ask them for a spec sheet on their filter and get same from the makers of the one you had fitted. the mere act of your asking for this info will make them sit up and also drop into the conversation that your brother / sister / uncle / twin brother is a corperate lawyer.

You will win if you push this hard enough !

Warning of using aftermarket parts ref warranty - jlo
Thanks for the replies.

Yes I appreciate they are under no obligation to help as its outside warrantee but agree its a well known fault.

Trouble is Renault UK are calling my bluff and stating I will have to pay for a diagnosis anyway first and that they are very unlikely to help as the car has been touched by a 'non reneult' garage.

Having just paid out for new battery, a service and also the Cam sensor which failed last month I don't think I am going to push anymore.

Just paid out a load of money and to pay another £70-£90 for a diagnosis to then be told no we won't help you is to much of a risk. Think I will just live with the fault.



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