smokin' Rover - normd2
on my way home last night the battery warning light came on shortly followed by a burning smell. As I slowed to a halt a column of thick black smoke began to pour out around the edges of the bonnet. Having been in two car fires before I feared the worst, stopped, ignition off and leapt out pulling the bonnet release as I went to aid extinguisher access. The smoke intensity decreased so I opened the bonnet and once the rest of the smoke cleared could see nothing wrong, all the wiring looked ok as did everything else.

Pause for your guess as to what had happened:

it turned out the alternator had seized and the smoke was the drive belt frying itself on the crankshaft pulley - never had this happen to me before in 30 odd years of motoring. Off to phone around now for the best price for new ones. Anyone else thought the worst about something that turned out to be fairly minor?
smokin' Rover - Dyane 6 Mehari
A fried asked me to look at her 206 which was making an awful, awful noise when driven. She thought it was the gearbox or driveshaft.

The hubcap had fallen off and was rattling around in the wheel trim.

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