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I recently had my 120d M Sport serviced by a non-BMW dealer but they were not able to reset the OBC to alter the service indicator. I have since spoken to BMW about this an they have told me I need to make a booking and take it in so they can update it- at a cost of course! Just wondering if anyone knows how to change the settings and can offer advice so I can change the service indicator myself in hope that it will fall in line with my recent service and log book?

Many thanks for any help offered:)

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If the service was at it's due time; then it may be necessary to reset it with the correct equipment.

More concerning is the fact that this garage did not have such kit; this means that the service was not carried out to BMW specifications, as a check of the fault-memories is integral to the service - what else have they missed?

Is [was] the car under warranty?
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Very easy to reset. No need for any tools, all done from the multifunction indicator arm. Need to scroll down various options and reset it.

Go to Do a search for service indicator reset on the forums.

Done the same when I changed pollen filter on my 3 series (E90)

How to reset OBC service indicator after a service - AM
Here you go, pasted from that forum:

Guys I looked everywhere (maybee not hard enough ) for a DIY service reset for E90 but couldn`t find one. So decided to try the E60 DIY which wasn`t too far off. I realise most cars are still under warranty but I will use this to replace my own brake pads and microfilter instead of being fleeced by the Dealers

Step 1
Insert key into slot
Step 2
Press start/stop button without depressing clutch/brake and wait for the service reminder to dissapear.
Step 3
Immediately after service reminder goes out, press and hold the odometer reset. After 3 secs a warning triangle will appear, keep the odo. button pressed and after another 2-3 secs the Oil can will appear. I f you hold it too long (10 secs in total) you will overshoot the runway and some German writing will appear giving the software level/ can bus etc. of the car. Go back to the beginning and start again.
Step 4
You are now in the service menu, use the toggle switch on indicator stalk to scroll up/down through the various service items.
Step 5
When you have the item you want to reset showing, press the BC button on end of indicator stalk. Reset should now appear in the display. Press in and hold the BC button for 2-3 secs and a clock will start whirling around and hey presto, its done
Step 6
You can now either scroll up/down to select another item (as in step 4) or you can press the start/stop button to exit.

Sorry if this a re-post guys but like I said I couldn`t find it anywhere.
I accept no responsibility if you break your car, this is done at your own risk.

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Hold old is the 120d?

Hope its out of its 3 year warranty?

For future servicing I suggest you find a BMW specialist garage, try a search on Google including your town name, as these are complex cars and general garages might not have the skills/tools.

Many BMW specialists are owned by ex BMW mechanics and are a lot cheaper than a BMW dealer, but better skilled.

Hope they used BMW approved LL04 synthetic oil? Or else the turbo wont last long.

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Very help full information ,i have insalled pollen filter my self is is not a rocket science just undo 6 screws and take the old filter out clean the area with hoover to suck out old tree leaves and installed new fillter which i bought in ebay for £17.00 ,then fit the screws back again,then follow the reset procedure as given,all done and you save the money,since i had the bmw diagnostic tool i ran through all well ,no error,happy bunny
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Hi, I've been looking everywhere for some help on how to replace my 1 Series Pollen Filter (even down to where it is, and where to buy one. ) I relented today and let BMW do it (£50!!) but now I've found your posting, I hope you can help me for the future. Please can you get in touch. Sorry to butt in like this. Cheers, Phil
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I run a BMW and my son has two nothing complex about them no diffrent to any other modern diesel or petrol.Go onto the BMW forums and you will soon pick up all the shortcuts and how to bits you will also learn to stay away from BMW main agents they are as about as good as Fiat used to be there are plenty of good specialist garages about.


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