Fuel level gauges - Kieren Brigatti

I read a few weeks ago about the not-so accuate fuel level readings from the dash-board readout. I read HonestJohn's reply to this, and he stated that is is something to do with the design of the fuel tank (!?!).

I recently brought a new Renault Clio (X-reg) and everytime I come to refuel the car, the pump clicks (I usually stop after a couple of clicks), but the fuel gage never shows a full fuel load. It usually shows one point down from the top full-level. Any suggestions why this could be? Is it a design fault?

I also read that the fuel tank is also meant to be of around a 50L capacity (well, at least the old S-Reg Clio brochure stated that!), but I have never managed to fill more than 37L, even when the red warning light is on!

Surely it is important to have a gage which accurately show the correct amount of fuel left in the tank for safety reasons?

I would appreciate if anyone has had the same experience as me!


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