2007/57 Models - Diesel Engine Problems? - paitonboy
Considering to buy a 2007/57 2.0 diesel automatic. However, I am disappointed to read several owner reviews on What Car? complaining of diesel engine problems. Do any HJ list members have problems with recent model Zafira diesel autos?

If not the Zafira, I'm looking for a reliable 6 seater automatic, but I'm coming up with a dead end everywhere I look. All the alternatives (Touran, Verso, Grand Picasso C4) seem to have auto gearbox problems. The Mazda 5 looks a bit small; the Honda FRV has that awful 2 x 3 seating, while the Grandis fuel consumption is too much. Hence, Zafira looks to be the only show in town.

Advice welcome.

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Diesel Engine Problems on 2007/57 Models? - TheOilBurner
It's a 1.9 diesel, same as used in the Astra, Vectra, SAABs and many other places in FIAT world too.

The 16v versions (150 in the Vectra, 120 & 150 in Astra/Zafira) tends to have swirl valve failures (pretty much all of them) at quite low mileages. Most tend to get fixed whlist under warranty. The word is that the design has been improved, so a 2007 car may be OK.

If it fails out of warranty it costs about £800-900 to put right as it involves swapping the inlet manifold and a new cambelt has to be fitted.

Other than that, they tend to be very reliable on the whole. The Auto on the diesels is the excellent 6 speed AW unit also used by Volvo, Toyota and others. No big problems with that either.

HJ mentions water pump failure in the CBCB, but TBH I've never seen this reported any where else, including owner forums.

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