2003 1.2 - starting problems - jason hornsbury
hi im new to this site so bear with me ive just bought my wife a micra year 03 1200cc automatic the engine has only done 27000 miles. when i try to start car from cold its a pig to start it will start in the end but if i put my foot on the throttal pedal right to the floor it will start strait away ive had the car put on the big mashine as the engine light came on and it was reading codes ( PO340 ) which saying cam/crank sensers ive changed them both but still have the light on the light stayed out for a little while then came back on someone said it could be the timing chain but theres no nocks or bangs when car is started it is great and runs like a dream when warm or once started has anyone got any cluse i dont no much about cars please help kind regards jason

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2003 1.2 - starting problems - Screwloose

There have been one or two timing chains faults on these... [That's per car.]

Take it back to where you bought it - that's why it was sold and it's a horrifyingly expensive job.

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