01 check and change rear axle bushes - eddie lane
how do i check the rear axle bushes on a 2001 fiesta and if they need to be replaced is it a hard job to do,do i need a special tool to push them out any help please

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01 check and change rear axel bushes - oilygezzer
fiesta rear bushes when worn somtimes make a knocking noise when pulling away or
braking,but the way i've found to check them in to chock the front wheels with hand brake off and grab the n/s or o/s rear wheels and with hands either side of the tyre rock the car backward and forward you will see movment. Another way is to jack up the rear (not on axle) and look at the bushes (cracked or dropped).
I've found remove the complete axle off to change bushes(change both as if 1 gone the other not far behind). you can buy bush removal tools but sockets hacksaw and good vice will do the job and an assistant!!! hope this will help oh and by the way its not a hard job.
01 check and change rear axel bushes - Roland T
These bushes need replacing on my '96 1.25 Fiesta, I can see that the rubber is perished and can sense movement when I'm driving it.
I did drop the axle down (but stopped short of removing it completely). I made an improvised puller but I couldn't shift the bush and I was concerned that if I hacksawed the old one out, I'd never get the new one started to get it back in. I didn't want to be without the car at the time and have never got round to tackling it again!
I'm interested that oilygezzer found it easy - presumably you had a big socket that was pretty much identical to the diameter of the metal outer of the bush. Was it hard to get the replacement bush started off?
Do you know where you can buy a puller with the right parts for this job? I did have a word with my local Ford Garage, they showed me a print out of the puller they'd use but didn't have one themselves. I think they said it was made by a company called Churchill? but that it would be very expensive to buy for one job.
Any further info would be welcomed.
01 check and change rear axel bushes - drivewell
In the absence of a proper bush removal tool, the usual approach, as you mention, is an appropriate sized socket, some threaded rod and nuts, and something for the rod to act against. Even with this set-up, and and a proper tool for that matter, you will sometimes have to put tension on it, then give it a whack with a hammer to start things moving.
01 check and change rear axel bushes - medthepirate

anybody got any vids of this being done? Would be nice to see someone who knows their stuff ??


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