fitting of new bmw badge - Harry Pearce

Does anyone know how to fit a new BMW bonnet badge on a E34 5 series. Am getting a new one and not sure how to take old one off also fitting of new one. Also Have bought a used rear view mirror. Are they just fitted with some super glue
fitting of new bmw badge - Screwloose

If this is the two cylindrical pin type; then there are two plastic fittings in the holes that grip those pins.

They are very, very, tight and will be destroyed by removal; so make sure you have new badge fixings and silicone grease handy before you try and, carefully, lever the old one off.

Use copious amounts of masking tape to protect the paintwork and seat the new badge on Waxoyl.
fitting of new bmw badge - Harry Pearce
Thanks for this any ideas on the rearview mirror is it just some very strong glue etc?
fitting of new bmw badge - Pugugly
Guess its a special "pad" from a BMW dealer. One side will have a special glue for glass and the other a special gle for plastic ..... I would ask there
fitting of new bmw badge - Hamsafar
Be careful what glue you use for the mirror, some types crack the glass, maybe due to exothermic action as the glue sets? Araldite Epoxy definitely does this, and I have seen other cars with star cracks around the mirror base..
fitting of new bmw badge - isisalar
Do not under any circumstances use superglue to fix a rear view mirror.The screen will crack within a few days without a doubt.The problem is that the glass expands and contracts as it heats and cools and the glue dosn't.Something has to give and it's usually the glass.Purpose made sticky pads can work,but I would recommend kits which have some impregnated mesh to which you apply some activating glue.I'm pretty sure they're made by Loctite.Obviously clean the surfaces well before applying any adhesive.

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fitting of new bmw badge - Number_Cruncher
>>The problem is that the glass expands and contracts as it heats and cools and the glue dosn't.

It's actually the reverse of this. The glass has a very low co-efficient of thermal expansion compared to the metal mirror pad. The thermal expansion mismatch means that you need to make sure the glue thickness is sufficient to allow enough "give" in the joint so the glass doens't break. Mirror glue kits usually come with a small square of mesh, which serves just this spacing purpose.

Whatever type of glue is used, I wouldn't recomend using a bond thickness below about 0.5mm.

fitting of new bmw mirror - mfarrow

Get a pad from the dealer. Clean away old residue with meths until spotless. If the pad is any more than 50p go to Ford and say you've a Ka and cut it to size. Much better than messing around with resins and meshes.

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