Does this car really have a full service history?

I was looking to buy a Dodge Nitro 2.6 CRD SXT from a dealer. It's three years old, has done 36,000 miles, and claims to have 'full Service History'. Looking at the logbook, the first two services were done at the main dealer, which is fine.

However, the last one at 34k just has a stamp which says something along the lines of 'Serviced to dealer standard'. No garage details or contact numbers. Dealer is trying to tell me he sees this every now and again when owners get the car serviced at Kwik Fit and the like...

Also, for the MoT they don't have the checklist, and are saying that if there were any issues it would be listed on the main page. Dealer looks relatively polished as dealerships go. Should I be worried?

Asked on 14 November 2012 by shabab

Answered by Honest John
Treat it as if it has not had the third service and value it accordingly.
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