Automatic headlights? - Lundi
I know that my car has a function where as you press a button and the headlights come on automatically when it starts to get dark. I know where the button is situated, but i have no idea how it works. Ive pressed it and it has got dusk and nothing has happened. Now it may just be that it needs fixing, maybe its broke, or maybe im just being abit thick ? ..
Automatic headlights? - Armitage Shanks {p}
It is described in the handbook! From memory, if the lights are not coming on automatically, turn on the ignition and then press and release the button on the end of the light control stalk (left side of the steering column); turn off the ignition and that should do it.
Automatic headlights? - Lundi
I dont have the handbook but thanks.
Automatic headlights? - Clanger
You need to press the button long enough (ignition on) to hear a confirmation beep. It may even give you a helpful message on the display.
Automatic headlights? - AlastairW
Is it really that hard to tell when it is getting a bit dark and then to turn the lights on manually? Talk about technology for the sake of technology...
Automatic headlights? - mike hannon
Couldn't agree more. Why not have a switch marked 'headlights' that turns on the headlights?
Isn't it a shame that manufacturers put so much effort into gimmicks like automatic headlights and so little into build quality and ultimate reliability?
I dare say there's a few 206 owners out there who would have swapped automatic headlights for a working gearbox...


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