2004 1.4, 16v, EPC Fault Light problem - wrangler_rover
My wife drove the car this morning, after a mile, the EPC light came on, the steering felt light and the car felt sluggish. After parking up for a few minutes, the engine was restarted & sounded weak. She took it to a local independant who recommended we take it to the main dealer, en route to the main dealer the light went out & the car felt normal.
The handbook says "EPC or exhaust emission system fault" The fault appears to be intermittent.
Does anybody have any ideas what it could be?
2004 1.4, 16v, EPC Fault Light problem - Screwloose

Strictly speaking; the EPC light is specifically for a fault with the "fly-by-wire" electronic throttle controls. In reality; it can come on for all sorts of engine management faults.

The fact that the steering went light would suggest that checking the charge voltage is correct might be a good start. It shouldn't be in excess of 14.2 volts with no load.


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