98 windscreen wiper motor - kiptic
hi my 1998 s reg windscreen wiper is playing up when i put them on intermittent they just move a few inches .when i put them on at normal speed they work but will not go back to resting place so its a bit of hit and miss i am sure its the motor that needs replaced is it a easy task..any help will be gratfull...also will this make me fail a mot...

You don't need an MoT but your car might ! Year of car inserted in the subject line

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98 windscreen wiper motor - Pugugly
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98 windscreen wiper motor - Kevin
Sounds like the wiper motor 'park' switch or the switch actuator has come loose or broken. The switch is usually activated by a cam on the output gear which is inside the assembly.

If you can open the thing up you might be able to fix it but you'll probably find that it's either spot welded or crimped together.

Your best bet is to find a replacement from a motor factors or scrapyard/ebay.

98 windscreen wiper motor - Victorbox
Has the same trouble with my Cavalier when new. Faulty wiper relay in fuse box under dash (not sure where it is on a Vectra) replaced under warranty & fixed it straight away.

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