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2003 1.4 HDi - Lack of power - Duncs
Hi All
I really hope you can help me with a problem with my 2003 C3 1400 HDI Diesel any suggestion would be gratefully appreciated:

When driving often in motorways driving conditions there is a lack of power the speed will than drop down to 45/50 MPH with no response to the throttle, occasionally the engine warning light also comes on but this does not seem to have a direct connection to the problem. After a few minutes of this lack of power / throttle response the engine usually cuts back in and behaves normally for a few miles before the problem repeats itself

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2003 1.4 HDi - Lack of power - Screwloose

The best way to proceed on this is to get the fault codes read. That will give some clue as to why the light is coming on.

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