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2004 TDCi - The old flashing glowplug problem... - MoonMonkey
Hi all

My Mondeo is driving me slowly mad....and broke...

Bought it 2 years ago, 2004 TDCi, and was as pleased as punch with the fuel economy and power ratio...great car.

Then the problems started. I have been doing a lot of reading of posts on forums, and know this is a common problem that has driven better people than me to dispair!

It started a few months back. Started it up one day, and noticed the glowplug light was flashing. Drove it and there was only about 25% power (now know this to be the infamous "limp" mode).

Turned off the engine, and restarted, and it was all fine....forgot all about it. A few weeks later...did it again. Again, turned off and on, and problem goes away.

Meanwhile, one day notice a strong smell of raw diesel in the car. After a while this goes. Later have to take it in to get the windscreen washer pump replaced. the guy in the garage says "By the way, when we had the top of the engine off we noticed a lot of diesel laying on top of the engine. May be a good idea to get t checked out by a diesel injector specialist", and he gave me a number.

I have to admit I forgot all aobut it, and did not get it checked.

All ok for a few more weeks....but then, the flashing glowplug light and limp mode problem returns....this time turning off and on does not clear it. But sometimes it does go away for a while...then come back.

So, I read all these forums about needed injectors recoded, etc, etc, and bite the bullet and take it to a Ford dealer. They say "Oh yes, the EGR valve needs replacing. That's £350 please". So I get it done, and all is fine for a week.....then ti does it again.

As it happens, this is the same week as the clutch needs doing, and the guy doing the clutch says "Why on earth did you take it to Fords? I have all the software here, and all they will do is change the EGR valve for the sake of it! I'll find out what it is". He does work for that BBC program whistleblower, so knows his stuff.

So he hooks it up, and it is giving out codes to do with boost pressure on the turbo. P2263. He checks out the turbo, and all seems fine. It is now I mention the diesel smell to him. So he summises that it is an injector problem "I had a guy with this problem before, and it turned out to be injectors problems giving the turbo fault codes. Go and see these guys, they are diesel injector specialist."....so he gives me the number he gave me months back!

So this time I go along to this other place and book it in.

Just had a call this morning from them "Yes, we have hooked it up to our software, and it says it is a turbo problem, nothing to do with us, we only do injectors"...


So I say "No, it is not a turbo problem. Go and look at it again and tell me why it has diesel on top of the engine". So the recpetionist (who is a miserable old boot) trots off to tell the guys, but she says "Well, I'll tell them, but I don't know if they can do anything".

I am at my wits end! Three places cannot fix this??

I am still waiting to hear back from the (if they are even looking at it!). What do I say if they still say it is not to do with them?

Any advice or expericance gratefully recieved!!

Is it likely to be injectors?? Can that cause the P2263 code? And the diesel leaking?

I just want to get it working so I can sell it, that is all!!

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Mondeo TDCi - The old flashing glowplug problem... - Screwloose

The simplest answer is that you have two separate problems. One; a small diesel leak that is very unlikely to show on the self-diagnosis - and two; a fault that can cause an instant default to limp-home.

As P2263 is an unspecified boost pressure malady; then it's reasonable to assume that it has that ability. Either under, or over, boost holds a serious risk of engine damage; so that code, false or not, would be the most likely cause.

Why not concentrate first on finding the diesel leak - a good clean off and recheck should show where it's coming from and then get the boost pressure checked in live-data to see what's amiss.
2004 TDCi - The old flashing glowplug problem... - graysmadhouse
I have a ford mondeo Zetec on a 04 plate.
I am suffering with the same problem of the glow plug light flashing and the engine going into limp mode.
I have been to a few garages and none is showing up the fault on their computers.
I am just wondering wether or not you finally got it fixed?.
2004 TDCi - The old flashing glowplug problem... - harperlager
I have a ford mondeo Zetec on a 04 plate.
I'm having the same problem and again I have spent over £300 on a fault that is still there. I have had the EGR valve changed, the fuel sender changed, the injectors re-coded twice and this has all been during this week.
Is there anyone out there with any answers?
Please reply to save my sanity ...... and my money>>
2004 TDCi - The old flashing glowplug problem... - johnboy22
I don't want to upset you any more than I Have to but I have a X type jag which is basically the same engine which is the reason for looking up this forum.

I was getting the same glow plug problems when on Tuesday the car went into limphome mode then the yellow engine warning light came on. Took it into my local dealer when he gave me the good news. £2270.00 The injector pump, injectors and all the pipe work etc had to be replaced. When talking to my local non dealer mechanic he told me it was a well known problem with the ford/jaguar pumps that due to the new non sulpher diesel not lubricating the pump as well as it should the pump starts to break up and contaminate the hole system. We are talking about microns of dammage but over time ( I have done about 88,000 miles) it ends up recking the system.
Turbo failure?? - MoonMonkey
Been having engine management problems with my 2004 Mondeo TDCi.

After lots of investigations, have finally been told it needs a new turbo. This is obviousaly a costly repair!

Its been giving out code P2263 - "Unspecified turbo boost pressure problem, mechanical"

My question is, is it common for a turbo to fail at 98,000 miles? What is likely to have gone wrong? Do I need to have the whole thing replaced as they are saying, or is there something else that can be done?

just want to know if I need to go ahead with this.
Turbo failure?? - Screwloose

Why not post this on your existing thread and then all the previous info is available. {now moved - DD}

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Turbo failure?? - Trink
Hi, Moon monkey, did you replace your turbo? I have the same kinda fault diagnois and quote from my garage and want to know if it cured your car?


Turbo failure?? - cheddar
Not that it is going to help the OP because his query was months ago though a couple of points:

Why take it to "Fords" (the dealer I guess) and spend £350 and then when the problem returns take it somewhere else, the OP should have gone back and pointed out that they must have misdiagnosed.

Flashing glowplug light is limp mode, it can simply mean that an injector(s) needs recoding, half a hour labour.

Re the OP and Trink - if P2263 relates to low boost it could be that this appears whenever it goes into low boost limp mode whatever the cause.
Turbo failure?? - jeremy99
Reading all of this reminds me of the troube I had with a leaking fuel pressure regulator on my VW VR6.

This was misdiagnosed many times and by the time I found out the real fault the engine was wrecked by petrol washing the oil off the bores.

Whilst searching the internet I came across the full VW published fault finding chart for a non specific engine management problem. It was long and complicated but very thorough and barely mentioned a fault code check.

To find this kind of fault on a TDCi such a labourious fault finding chart must be available but nobody will want to spend the several hours (and cash) it takes to pinpoint the fault. Hence they make an educated guess and get it wrong.

A specific fault code may tell you about a dead sensor but that is about it.

Obviously over time known specific faults will be logged by the manufacturers but as far as I can tell its only in the USA that they are obliged to make them public.

You really need to find someone who is prepared to logically work through all the possible causes specifically testing them one by one until the fault is clear and than fix it. Its more money up front but probably cheaper in the end.
Turbo failure?? - zokes
Hi, my turbo (Mondeo Zetec 2001 TDCI 130) went with a pop a couple of weeks back at 138k. I was towed to a garage, who fitted a refurbed part. However, since getting it back, it's been low on power, hissing a lot when pushing on, and hiccupping at around 1950 revs intermittently. Yesterday, it did a lot of hiccupping at about 1500 rpm whilst going up hill, then ran smooth after reaching the top. About 1 mile further on, it cut out with the glow plug light flashing. It then restarted no problem, but was still low on power (but not appearing to be in limp mode) and carried on the remaining 1/2 mile to my destination.

I take it from this thread that the flashing glow plug light doesn't necessarily mean new injectors £1000 please then? Is it very feasible that the current fault is related directly to mis-fitting the new turbo i.e. the garage's fault, and not bits of the ex-turbo (or oil in the wrong place from the blown turbo) goosing up another part of the engine?
Turbo failure?? - DP
Flashing glowplug light = "There's a fault somewhere in my fuel system"

Needs a code read and/or competent diagnostics to pinpoint where the problem lies. Could be pennies, four figures, or anything in between.
Turbo failure?? - paulontour
Your problem is nothing more than a split turbo hose that when put under pressure ie
powering up hill, the hole is opening and closing at such speed it feels like hiccupping as you put it. An easy and cheap fix. Now that makes a change for a mondeo.
Turbo failure?? - zokes
Would that cause the engine management light to come on? I guess so if it upsets the airflow to the engine enough.... Hopefully that will just be it then for the time being. Blown turbo, nearly stick it through a wall on ice, then 'miscellaneous engine management fault". I've had enough of the thing this past week or so!
Turbo failure?? - paulontour
Fix it and flog it. They are nothing more than a money pit.

Look around all your pipework for a damp spot that is caused by a high pressure mist escaping through the split. Another possible cause of the engine management light flashing on is the crank or cam sensor.
Turbo failure?? - dieselfitter
I think it's a bit harsh to call the MkIII TDCi a money pit - I recently sold my 52 plate, still running perfectly at 112K. I had an EGR valve replaced under warranty, and one unexplained flashing glow plug light/limp home incident, fixed 'while-u-wait' by injector recalibration at the nearest Ford dealer. However, I agree that the induction hoses are prone to leaks at this age (symptoms can include rough running, high fuel consumption, black smoke etc.), this happened twice to mine but this problem is also cheap to fix. By the way, based on experience, I tried to use Shell Diesel Extra whenever I could get it. The car always ran well and with better mpg on this, compared with supermarket diesel. Never had an expensive problem with the engine (but don't ask about the brakes...)
Turbo failure?? - paulontour
I did say on my other listing on this thread that the hoses were and i quote "An easy and cheap fix. Now that makes a change for a mondeo", But I stick with what I say that this car is a money pit. You only have to look at the number of new threads on here from people who have problems with the MK3 mondeo. Every day there is a new thread. You cant say that about other cars. When I had my MK3 2004 TDCI I didnt know what was going to go wrong next or how much it was going to cost to put right. Dont get me wrong when the car was going right it was brilliant car but it seemed to go wrong most of the time and i stand by what I say. This car is a money pit. Fix it and flog it.
Turbo failure?? - DP
I think, as with most modern cars, it depends how good your dealer / mechanic is.

With any of these modern diesels, if you're relying on someone who doesn't understand them to fix the things, minor problems either drag on indefinitely, or develop into bigger, more expensive ones.

Main dealers are among the worst offenders for this.

Turbo failure?? - zokes
Engine management light came on on sunday, and entered limp home mode. It then stalled, wouldn't restart for a few minutes, then did indeed limp home. Couldn't restart it monday, RAC come out, and find 'camshaft sensor fault'. After some wiggling of wires under the bonnet, and clearing the fault code, Mr RAC finally gets it started, but boy does it smoke - what looks like and smells like overfuelling. Glow plug light still flashing, this time "cylinder 4 above knock threshold", and it's running rough. Eventually tows me to the garage.

The garage get their code reader on it and again, "cylinder 4 above knock threshold". Decide to go for a replacement injector (based on this and smell of overfuelling). They then spent the best part of today fitting the injector, finding it made no difference (to both running and fault code), swapping other injectors around, and recoding the injectors and clearing the codes ad infinitum. They have had two different auto-electricians look at it, with two different computers but to no avail. They have now confessed to being beaten, and say my only option is Ford (there's no independent specialist in North Wales). At least they managed to send the new injector back so no charge for that!

All turbo pipes have been checked and rechecked, but it still had the very intermittent 'hiccup' at 1950 rpm as I mentioned in an earlier post prior to it's current tantrum. Could it be a faulty cam sensor that's throwing the timing out slightly, and cylinder 4 is the only one affected, or is it likely to be down to cylinder 4 only (due to the knocking fault being consistently reported in cylinder 4)?

I am at my wits end and just want to get rid of the thing. It's done 140k, and worth possibly £1.5-2k fully functional, and probably naff all in its present state. Having just spent £900 on a new turbo and £100 on a new rear spring, I can't justify the extortion that awaits at Ford. Does anyone have any ideas as to what it could be?


Turbo failure?? - paulontour
Should have listened to me before. THIS CAR WILL COST YOU MONEY. Get rid of it, this is nothing more than a money pit. When it is running ok it is brilliant when it goes wrong you will need deep pockets and it goes wrong a lot. fix it and flog it.
Turbo failure?? - DP
When it is running ok it is brilliant when it goes wrong you will need deep pockets

This applies to any modern diesel! In fact, it applies to most modern cars.
Turbo failure?? - paulontour
DP. Your are correct this indeed will apply to any modern diesel or most modern cars. However the mondeo seems to be in self destruct mode because every time a problem is fixed another problem arises. If its not the flashing glow plug light its the DMF or the turbo or the split pipe or the intercooler need I go on. There are more threads on here about the Mondeo than any other car. So I mean what I say, the car is brilliant when it is running ok, But it only runs ok for a short period before the next fault comes along and you end up spending serious money. I would never have another ford again, unreliable and crap back up from Ford. Fix it and flog it,or better still dont buy it in the first place.
Turbo failure?? - zokes
I was in the process of trying to do so. In fact, I've a nice Golf waiting for me, that now looks like it's not going to happen. I can hardly sell it privately in its current state (other than for pennies on ebay), and chances are it would conk out before I got to a garage to part ex it....

I should have just put it on ebay for pennies when the turbo went. That would have saved me a grand.

Do you reckon changing the cam sensor is worth the gamble, or is that likely to be a read herring?
Turbo failure?? - ianjoh
I dont think that car manufacturers are too worried about a bad reputation that a particular model gives them. There are always plenty of fresh mugs entering the market, as well as disgruntled customers looking to swop brands in search of that ever elusive 100% reliability factor. Yes, there are plenty of mondeos in the technical forums as well as French cars but what do see most of on the roads?
BTW looking at the other posts, your problem may be as simple as a dirty crank sensor - worth a try.
Turbo failure?? - zokes
Well, garage have just changed the cam sensor (the initial engine management code) and no difference. Looks like it's time to take out a bank loan and take it to Ford then. My garage have done all they can.....


Turbo failure?? - spikeyhead {p}
Find a good diesel specialist
02 plate diesel mondeo starting problems - bantam1

my 02 plate mondeo has developed an intermittent starting problem.. If it does start it cuts out some miles down the road ( last time in the middle lane of the motorway)

if its left for a period of time it will restart with no flashing dash lights . Sometimes it just spins on the starter , leave it and it then starts as stated..

no loss of power noticed and when its running it s smooth ....

any help would be great ..


02 plate diesel mondeo starting problems - DieEasySteve
my 02 plate mondeo has developed an intermittent starting problem.. If it does start
it cuts out some miles down the road ....


I have the same problem with my 2003 2lt TDi 115

Engine will randomly stop and the heating coil light thingy flashes. Has done it at a range of speeds from 70mph on the motorway to just taking off at the lights.

After it is left for a couple of mins it's fine and will start again, When the car runs it is smooth and has constant power.

Took it to a local garage and they say it had a fuel pump failure code in the log, but they thought it had just been low on diesel and cut out, they believed it should be fine with a full tank but it has now cut out a further 4 times since. They said they can it for an hour in the garage plugged into the computer after they changed the filters and it ran fine.

I can't seem to go 15min's without it stopping.

would love a point in the correct direction.


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02 plate diesel mondeo starting problems - R2-CMax
I've got a C-Max with a 2L TDCi engine and had similar problems. Accepting that this is (AFAIK) an entirely different engine, in my case it was the crankshaft position sensor. £27 for the part +fitting +VAT. The camshaft position sensor can, I'm told, give the same problems - basically both sensors tell the engine management where the engine is on it's rotation to allow timing of injections etc.

Somebody told me that it happens most frequently as the engine is warming up - i.e. not cold but not yet fully warmed through. Don't know how true but when it did happen to me with a part-warm engine.

However both problems should also leave an error code that a technician can read.
02 plate diesel mondeo starting problems - DieEasySteve
Got mine fixed by the ford garage, It didn't come up with any more error code but when they too the cam shaft sensor out there it appeared to be cracked.

They replaced it and I have now been driving it over a week (about 100 miles a day) and it hasn't gave any more trouble.

02 plate diesel mondeo starting problems - Simon Callis

Just wanted to post my experience because the information I have read to date has helped me tremendously and avoided a £2,000 bill at the garage!

I have had rough idling issues with the car (Ford Mondeo TDCi 2.0 130 Ghia 05 plate, done about 104k miles). Garage identified injector fault. Bought used injectors from ebay, garage fitted them all in for about £400. That solved the idle issues.

Second issue was car entering limp mode over 2000 revs, which could be resolved temporarily by turning engine on and off whilst doing over 50mph or so (not recommended!). Garage advised fault code P2263 which points to a duff turbo and a £2k, 3 day turnaround. However, I cleaned out the EGR valve ? no improvement. Then I removed the electronic actuator (not recommended by ford to separate actuator and turbo ? precision set up?!) and also checked that the turbo was free spinning by taking off the intake pipe. Also I presumed no variable vane turbo issues because this has a separate engine management fault code P139A a faulty turbo actuator reading code.

Just before going on holiday for a week I bidded on ebay for a no guarantee actuator but lost it, so lashed out £350 on a recon turbo/manifold and actuator. On return, 10 minutes and a swapout for the electronic actuator only and problem resolved. I did have another engine fault light on but reset the ECU by removing power for 20 minutes (took off main car battery positive lead).

I hope this helps someone in a similar situation. I will now call the recon people and see if they want their turbo and actuator back!
02 plate diesel mondeo starting problems - simon00

Hi I've just come across your forum and similar ones on other sites thought I should tell people about my experience with a 2005 Mondeo. As for many people I had the glow plug light coming on and the car going into limp mode. From my reading about this problem it seemed to be the turbo actuator .

This was sent of to Turbo man on Ebay and returned promtly and cost £300ish. The car ran fine about 8 months then it statrted intermitently again, then finally the glow plug light was on all the time and car in limp mode. As it had failed again I thought I might as well take a look inside the Actuator. It takes minutes to take off and put back on and seconds to open. inside I found 1 small broken wire, This I soldered myself (it is quite small and fidly) but the car is still running great at not cost other than a bit of time. If you can't do it yourself, maybe theres an electronic shop nearby who can do it for you. Its one of those shot at nothing fixes, opening it does no damage and it might just save you £2000.

02 plate diesel mondeo starting problems - Collos25

The reason Ford/Jaguar say do not split the units is valid they need to be mated electronically on a special machine so that the correct boost happens at the correct time.By putting an actuator that is not mated proffessionally can cause the turbo to malfultion and shorten its life in reality you can swop them around and 9 times out of ten you will be lucky but the parts are not available seperately .

But what a horrible design the electronic actuator sits below a red hot turbo and adjacent to a red hot ehaust manifold.Ford used a vacuum actuator that was absolutely no problems then they put the Ford engine in the X type wanted a cleaner more powerfull engine and decided a electronic actuator would help, it does while it lasts but not many survive all that long.How many people without knowledge have given the go ahead and changed the pair at horrendous cost when you can buy the same unit from Garret for a third of the cost or buy a recondioned unit must be the achiles heel of the TDCI along with the clutch and rear subframe mountings on the Estate.

02 plate diesel mondeo starting problems - sput
I recently bought a mk3 mondeo tdci and its the worst car i ever bought. Its bleedin me dry,i had rough idleing and then the famous flashing glow light. So far its cost me new injectors, fuel injection pump,new fuel filter,cleanin of the egr plus garage expense and the heap is still cutting out without any warnin. Bit hairy when ur doin 50 an it cuts out and steerin goes. Garage cannot get to the bottom of it and poor bloke is really embaressed.
02 plate diesel mondeo starting problems - Collos25

Turbo actuator(if its the electronic version) is the most common fault after the EGR valve cleaning and replacing the EGR on its own is no good you have to remove the inlet manifold and adjoining pipework and really give them a good clean to have any real effect.Faults in either system will bring on the Glow plug light and cause poor starting.The electronic actuator is only supplied with the turbo and is very expensive.

Flashing glow plug light and engine cutting out. - Tomc1958

I had this problem recently and it was getting worse. Called out the RAC and the guy said it was more than likely the fuel pump, drove me to Halfords, I bought replacement pump the guy popped it on and two months on no problems since! Fingers crossed!

Flashing glow plug light and engine cutting out. - Collos25

Do you mean filter or pump ?

Flashing glow plug light and engine cutting out. - Tomc1958

Many apologies. It was the FILTER. The guy said it separates water from the diesel and can clog it up especially when very cold because it can go gel like. Reading other peoples experiences I was expecting for fork out a fortune but in the end spent about £24. Thanks for checking out.


Flashing glow plug light and engine cutting out. - napper t

ho ho ho

this thread is bonkers. I have a mk3 mondeo 130 tdci,just bought brand new gearbox for £800(supposed to be 2400)

look guys youre only hearing nightmare scenarios.dont listen to all this BS

there's millions of mondy's out there,& hardly ANY problems,so just chill out.

The most important thing is getting a diesel specialist to sort and mend your car. Ordinary mechs DO NOT KNOW ENOUGH about these diesel systems,so only say "ah its a turbo code so u need a new turbo etc".

half the time,a new fuel filter is all it needs or a recode for older cars. If you were a turbo & no fuel got thru due to clogged filter,you'd think it was a fuel/turbo fault also lol

Flashing glow plug light and engine cutting out. - Collos25

Having read your post you cbviously no nothing about cars or how forums work I suggest you google this and many other sites and see the hundreds of mondeo,focus and Jaguar diesels that have stopped due to various problems,this part of the forum is for such people and maybe just maybe one of the contributors can help . I hope you are going to put a new clutch in your car while your fitting your bargain gearbox but wait a minute your mondeo does not break down I wonder what the gearbox is for.


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