1999 1.3i - brakes are soft & heavy steering - brithepi2000
Hi guys wonder if you can help? Have bought a accent 1.3i 1999 t regd.
The brakes are soft and car pulling to one side also the steering wheel seems solid to turn there?s no power steering the car was lying for 8 months and the brakes where seized on any help appreciated.
Is there anyway to make the steering lighter or can it be converted to power steering for cheap?

I am in Glasgow. Thanks guy

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1999 1.3i - brakes are soft & heavy steering - Steptoe
I have the same model and unfortunately the steering is heavy and not much can be done about it, to fit power steering would be too much hassle, just change car if problem!

It's worh checking tyre pressures, should be 32PSI, and worth checking that the steering moves freely with both front wheels in the air (so eliminating a seized ball joint)

As for the brakes, check that sliding calipers are free to move and look at rear wheel cylinders. these are prone to leak and might be where the air in the brake fluid has got in.
1999 1.3i - brakes are soft & heavy steering - brithepi2k
thanks mate tyres where on 20 psi lol
miles better and the system had air in the brakes
you any idea if its a big job to do a wishbone i think ball joint is gone on
the drivers side when i hit a hp;e in the road it clunks and when i turn steering full
lock to the right theres like a rubbing noise from the passenger side
i was also gonna try do timing belt on it lmao

thanks for help mate appreciated :)
1999 1.3i - brakes are soft & heavy steering - Steptoe
Sorry about delay in replying; took my eye off the board for a moment :-)

I'm afraid I can't advise re. the wishbone as I've not had to do any work in that area but I did change the timing belt when I first got car (came without history & I read somewhere that the belts have to be done quite often) The main problem is that the offside engine mount has to be removed, I also found that I couldn't get the timing marks to line up so had to resort to tipexing however still an easy job as IMRC the tensioner is springloaded.


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