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Multiple vehicles on insurance policy ? check MID - martint123
It was mentioned in another place that I visit, that it seems that people with multiple motorcycles insured on a single policy might only have one of the vehicles on the Motor Insurers Database. The example mentioned was with Carol Nash and he had four bikes on his policy, but only one on the MID.

I have two bikes on a policy with the same broker and the second wasn't on the MID I phoned and they sent the info again while I was on the phone, although I don't know how long the MID takes to get updated.

Just a heads-up. Check at


Named, as it would appear to be mainly with them, no shame as they were quick to act and pleasant on the phone - which was a freebie 0800 number ;)

Multiple vehicles on insurance policy ? check MID - qxman {p}
I read (in a newspaper IIRC) that the insurance companies have to update the MID within seven days of any changes or they get hit with a big fine.

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