(92-97)Rear Wiper doesnt - Surrey_Scientist
The rear wiper on my corolla doesn't "park" - I have to switch it off as it gets to the upright position. The intermittent function on the rear wiper also doesn't work - the wiper does nothing in this position.

Tried taking the motor off and cleaning the disk inside with the contacts on but it doesn't seem to have made any difference.

If I buy a secondhand motor is this likely to cure the problem, or is the problem somewhere else in the wirng/swtich and how do I go about diagnosing this first ?

Many thanks !!

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(92-97)Rear Wiper doesnt - elekie&a/c doctor
I think I would be looking for a broken wire here.Probably in the rubber trunking that runs from the body to the tailgate.With ignition turned on there should be 1 permanent voltage supply to the motor.Does the hrw work ok?
(92-97)Rear Wiper doesnt - Surrey_Scientist

heated rear window works fine.

The wiper works Ok on continuous (although doesn't park) just not on th eintermittent - so surely there must be already voltage to the motor ?

Or are there separate supplies for continuos and intermittent working modes ?

(92-97)Rear Wiper doesnt - elekie&a/c doctor
The wiper motor needs 2 power suppies to work correctly.1 is a switched supply from the front switch/delay relay and the 2nd is to power the motor to the park position when switched off.When checking voltage at the motor ,make sure the plug to the motor is disconnected.hth

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