2000 1.8 petrol CD player security panels - Demon
Can anyone confirm for me that the removable security panels (the strip with the numbers 2-5 on it) in the Ford CD players from this time are just a simple straight swap to replace? I caught mine on the car door this morning, snapping off the part that allows it to be retained in the front of the actual player, and despite ten minutes crawling around on the gravel cannot for the life of me find the piece to repair it. There appears to be an abundance of them on eBay at not unreasonable prices, so providing I get one that's the correct fit for my model of CD player, should it just click in and work? I will go insane if I have to drive in silence for much longer!
2000 1.8 petrol CD player security panels - Carse

If it is from the same series unit (6000 etc...) as yours it will work, it is just a opto coupled link.

2000 1.8 petrol CD player security panels - Demon
Thanks - I thought as much having had a browse for them when I damaged it previously (managed to superglue it that time) but couldn't believe a 'security' feature could be so easily remedied! I don't think I'll ever bother removing it again in future, as there's probably more chance of me breaking it again than the fact that I've left it in being responsible for it getting pinched!

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