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Which Second Hand 4x4 ? - killie
Im probably going to regret it but I'm considering buying a used 4x4
My Budget is £2000 to £3000.
I realise I wont get much for this money would prefer Diesel if possible any suggestions
most reliable & best Fuel economy.
Which Second Hand 4x4 ? - gordonbennet
You'll have to give us a bit more to go on, Killie, do you want a soft roader or a proper full ladder chassis 4 x 4?

Full or part time four wheel drive? Will you off road at all? Are you hands on mechanically?

Get ready to recieve some flack by the way.
Which Second Hand 4x4 ? - killie
Should have given more Info,
looking for something that's good on Road not going to be doing a lot of Off Road Stuff
Switchable 4 Wheel Drive if Possible.
Looking at a Cherokee Jeep this afternoon or tomorrow 2.5 Diesel
Got my Flak Jacket on...
Which Second Hand 4x4 ? - gordonbennet
Blimey that was quick Ian. Sorry started to reply straight away and then had to shoot off for a awhile.

If you want reliable in a 4 x 4 its probably going to be Japanese, dont know too much about the jeeps, i had a mate who thrashed his 2.5 diesel cherokee mercilessly and it was fine.

Toyota hilux surfs ( known as 4 runner the genuine uk car) are very good and are best with the 3 litre auto, ultra reliable (1 hour to change the cambelt).

Mitsi shogun/pajero also very reliable but can have head gasket problems.

Disco's you can either have trouble free or a complete money pit, i've known chaps who have replaced every single major component on them (thousands of ££), and still they pack up, then i've got a mate who never does anything to them and has nothing go wrong, i can't work it out.

Isuzu trooper/vauxhall monterey (identical vehicle) another powerful and capable motor.

Japanese are good, plus you've got a good aftermarket parts back up, same with landrover, don't know about jeep aftermarket parts, hopefully someone will be along soon.

Economy, expect 25 mpg from most of the above in normal use, maybe 30 from the jeep, its a little lighter.

Take with a pinch of salt any claims of 35 to 40 mpg from a 2 ton brick, it won't happen.

Also unless its proved that they have had a cambelt change, get a quote before purchase as some of these are an unbelievable price, toyo the exception to this.

And these motors require regular and good servicing with plenty of oil changes, these are old school diesels, forget the 20k services.

Good luck with the search.

Which Second Hand 4x4 ? - Screwloose

I'm going to have to take a different view. [So; what's new...]

Jeeps are rubbish on wheels; their build is a joke and the dealers little better.

Surfs are imports - who needs that grief. [Can you find a UK 4-runner?]

Shogun's rot; eat gearboxes; weak engines. [Pajeros - don't even think of one.]

Trooper diesels are a disaster - avoid like the plague. [Petrols are fine]

All old 4x4s can break you [£1500 for a driveshaft] if you don't have a cheap support network. Despite their legion of faults; this is where Land-Rover scores. Don't look for the car - look for the support first.

Somewhere near you is a scruffy yard, full of bits of dead Land-Rovers, run by a man in greasy overalls, usually with a beard. Find him first; he'll be a bit gruff until he realizes you're serious, but all L/R people are nice underneath. Your local 4x4 or off-road club will know where to look.

Your budget [which is in dangerous territory for Jap models] will just about get you a 300TDi Disco from such a source. As you will be spending many hours there making the coffee, while he fixes and improves it with salvage parts from the ones outside, choose your man carefully.
Which Second Hand 4x4 ? - I'm a Pane
At that money, Toyota Rav 4 any day. It may be a soft roader, but if you spend most of the time on the road this will be appreciated much more than ultimate grip/ground clearance of a 'proper' 4x4. My wife is now on her second rav, the first gave 5 years impeccable service and it was only the lure of a newer number plate that made her change. 2.0 litre petrol is actually not too bad (30/35mpg) and goes like stink - and the car CAN cope with being flung around far better than it had any right to!
2-3K will get you into a nice P/R reg-just check underneath as they ARE vulnerable if used alot off road in the axle/suspension areas. Rest is pretty much bullet proof. Just don't choose a pink and silver 'edge' special edition like my wife did unless you want your manhood challenged!!!
Which Second Hand 4x4 ? - killie
Thanks for all the Replies.
I don't really know why I want a 4x4 more of a Whm than anything else
I guess I've got to much time on my Hands at the moment.
So I think I will put the idea aside for the Time being. Once again thanks for all the help


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