Ownership experience. - midlifecrisis
As other posts of a similar vein have been well received, thought I'd give a 12 month report on my 407 coupe 2.2SE.

I'll admit to the little voice in my head, telling me I'm asking for electrical trouble when I bought this car. However, I've not had one single, solitary problem No squeaks or rattles and both paint and interior trim still look showroom fresh. I would never claim to own a 'sports' car. It's heavy, but the 167bhp is more than enough to keep you going at a good lick and there is plenty of overtaking 'umphh' when you need it. Excellent handling and very reassuring brakes.

It's a sublime motorway cruiser. Very, very quiet and just eats up the miles. The seats are supremely comfortable and the heated leather has been a boon on cold mornings. Excellent JBL stereo too. The sat nav is a bit 'clunky', but has always got me where I want to go without any trauma. The cruise is a much better system than the one I had in my Vectra and I've found the speed limiter useful on occasions, particularly in areas I don't know. I've noticed that a lot of things that were standard on my car are now extras. The front and rear parking sensors are vital as far as I'm concerned. It's very difficult to judge where the extremities of the car are (especially the front). The visual display in the car gives a helping hand, more so than the 'beeping'. (Something that Volvo could learn from). Full size (steel) spare also included. I was dubious about the reliability of the tyre pressure sensors. However, just before setting out on a long trip, I got a visual and audible warning of low pressure. Took it to get checked out and there was a nail in the tyre. Saved me the trouble of having to sort out the problem on a wet, dark, hard shoulder.

I've averaged (according to the trip computer) 30.8mpg, which isn't bad in my opinion. It fits two kids in the back without to much drama. However, as I'm 6'2" tall, junior behind me (9 years old) does find his legs a little cramped on long journeys. He has to watch his legs when the seats move back electrically, they could make a good torture device if your attention is diverted. Large boot, which has swallowed everything I've ever needed to put in it.

The only real criticism is the supposed 60/40 split seats. First time I went to use the facility, I got the manual out to check the operation. There's a bold warning that failure to life the seat base can damage the leather. Unfortunately, the base is in one piece, which obviously negates any advantage that the split seat could have provided.

Overall, very, very pleased. (I'll get back to my day job now. Don't think HJ has got anything to fear)
Ownership experience. - Martin Wall
I think the Coupe is built on a separate production line or maybe factory from the other 407s. I seem to remember you got a large discount at the time as well - yes? I don't see them at such large discounts anymore. I've only seen a couple on the roads and it looks huge but I quite like it. Not as pretty as the 406 coupe but a lot more imposing looking and, based on your experiences, it seems a lot more reliable. How long do you plan to keep it for?
Ownership experience. - Pugugly
MLC I've found two of your previous threads, but there was one with photos....any ideas ?
Ownership experience. - Big Bad Dave
Yeah I remember the photos. When mlc described the red leather I initially thought "Euuugh" But when you actually see it, it's absolutely spot on. Very tasty.
Ownership experience. - midlifecrisis
Original thread here:


Plan is for at least three years. (bearing in mind that 2 yrs is the longest I've kept one before). I'm very happy with it.
Ownership experience. - Lud
Sounds a classy motor mlc, although the look of big Peugeots is less restrained than it used to be.

Peugeot's old image was that of a sort of less sporting Lancia, a French gent's car. I imagine it feels like that, and you wouldn't be complaining at all. Glad it's so nice.
Ownership experience. - barchettaman
Glad you´re enjoying it MLC. Hope it continues to be fun and reliable for you.
Ownership experience. - boxsterboy
I think the Coupe is built on a separate production line or maybe factory from
the other 407s. >>

Yes, they are built on a separate line, together with the Citroen C6, at (I believe) Rennes, in Brittany. The idea being that they can take longer and finish the cars better, without holding up a quicker mass-production line. Not sure how profitable such an operation can be but it seems to work as far as quality/reliability is concerned, by this account.
Ownership experience. - swirl80
I've now had my 407 Coupe 2.2SE since August last year and think its a fantastic car. Coming from a BMW 530d i was worried that the lack of power/torque would be an issue but its not that bad for a car weighing almost 2 tonnes.

Unlike midlifecrisis, i have had a couple of electrical gremlins. About 3month ago whilst driving along i got a warning on the computer that the auto adjustment of the headlights had failed. Checked the lights and all seemed fine. Couple of weeks later, driving along the M62 i was pulled by the police for a headlight being out. Took it to the dealer who at first said that the headlight was not covered under the warranty but changed their mind - thankfully because the bulb itself costs £97 - not including the fitting!!!! So, got that sorted and everything was fine...............untill a couple of weeks ago.

I was in Clapham (a long long way from Manchester!!!!) and went over a pothole which made the sat nav and stereo etc blip for a split second - thought nothing of it. Pulled up a few mins later, did what i was doing then got back in the car. Went to start it and it was dead. Stereo/sat nav came on but the odometer was now in km not miles and the time had reset. Popped the bonnet and noticed that the connector on the positive node of the battery was sitting on top, pushed it on and started fine - i'm guessing that it was loose because peugeot didn't tighten it after being in there.....?

So, all was well for the rest of that day and the next morning. The sunday afternoon i was just setting off on my journey back to manchester, sat at the lights, they turn green and go to pull away but the car stalls. I thought it was just my bad driving so staerted it up and got a warning "Enginge Management System Failure"!!!!! Tried to pulll away again and it just kept cutting out. Managed to get it onto a sidestreet and rang the AA. He hooked up his computer and the error gave the helpfull message of, "Dealer specific Error" and nothing else. He cleared the error (was after 4pm on a sunday afternoon so no dealers open) and we turned the ignition over to reveal another new warning of the Oil being low (Engine Management warning now gone). Checked oil and sure enough it was low. Topped it up and all was well. Worrying thing was that the car has only done 5000 miles and lost almost 2ltrs of oil !!!! Also, why did it come up with engine management failure as opposed to telling me that the oil was low???

Unfortunately, due to the warning having to be cleared the dealer could not replicate or work out why it had done this :o(

So, if it happens again i'll have to sit and wait for the dealer to open and have it towed there........

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Ownership experience. - Falkirk Bairn
>>over to reveal another new warning of the Oil being low (Engine Management warning now >>gone). Checked oil and sure enough it was low. Topped it up and all was well. Worrying >>thing was that the car has only done 5000 miles and lost almost 2ltrs of oil !!!! Also, why did >>it come up with engine management failure as opposed to telling me that the oil was low???

Technology - electronics, computers.....wonderful but a check on the dipstick even every few weeks would have highlighted the oil burning long before the message on the car's display.

I keep telling my 3 x boys to check oil, water etc at least 1 x / mth but to no avail - technology will come to their aid.......... I rest my case
Ownership experience. - midlifecrisis
Sorry to hear of your problems, mine's still faultless. I've used about two litres of oil in the first eight months or so. It hasn't needed topping up since and assume it's the new engine bedding (or whatever they do!). I check my oil every week through habit. I prefer mark 1 eyeball to electrical warnings.

It goes in for it's first 'annual inspection' tomorrow. Service interval is 2 years/20'000m, but it gets a one year 'check over and top up' free of charge.

Ownership experience. - midlifecrisis
I had the 'inspection' done today. Not quite sure what they did (other than hoover it out and 'horror' put it through a car wash. I could have died)

They even agreed to supply a brand new sat nav disc as my 2007 car came with a 2006 disc. No quibble at all, just "we'll order one for you". Can't be bad.
Ownership experience. - gmac
The SatNav disk is standard service MLF. You are entitled to one free upgrade. I would leave it another year before you order.
Ownership experience. - midlifecrisis
First I've heard. No other manufacturer has ever offered me a replacement disc. Still quite impressed with the customer service though (It's a shame that it's now the exception rather than the norm)
Ownership experience. - Bill Payer
First I've heard. No other manufacturer has ever offered me a replacement disc.

Peugeot did that on a 2000 (I think) company 406 I had. There was a voucher to get one disk upgrade.
Ownership experience. - gmac
Ooops got the name wrong, typo MLC.

I do like Peugeot. In my experience pretty straight forward cars and relatively pain free servicing upto 70k miles. I usually get rid of them after that.

I only know about the SatNav upgrade because I bought a two year old 206 with SatNav and when I enquired about upgrading the disc found the original owner had not taken advantage of the upgrade so I got it FOC.

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Ownership experience. - swirl80
i think i'll have to get back onto my dealer, when i enquired about it they said it'd be about £100 for a new disk!!!

Is there anywhere that states this is the case??
Ownership experience. - Bill Payer
Is there anywhere that states this is the case??

IIRC there was a registration type card in the disk case that came with the car - you sent that off and they returned the latest disk.
Ownership experience. - midlifecrisis
I haven't got a card, nor has there ever been any suggestion that I'm entitled to a replacement disc.
Ownership experience. - gmac
>> Is there anywhere that states this is the case??
IIRC there was a registration type card

That's what I had. Maybe it has changed. My system used Navteq discs.
Ownership experience. - john payne

Has any one had any problems with front tyre wear ?.
my wife has the V6 petrol which has covered 15,000 miles normal driving. Both front tyes have worn on the inside, ( approx a 2 inch wide band ) . One of the tyres has canvass showing and the other completly smooth.and its a good job i spotted the problem.
Its off to the garage on Thursday to have the tracking checked but the dealer has told me they will not pay for the tyres.
Am i being unreasonable for a donation?.

Apart from this she loves the car but its touch and go weather its good as her last one which she let me have,which is the 406 V6 manual coupe.?.

Any feed back would be welcome.
Ownership experience. - rtj70
its a good job i spotted the problem.

Not having a go, but you didn't spot it until canvas was showing.... Must have worn down suddenly then ;-)

I'd have thought for a 3l V6, depending on driving style and tyre compound, 15k miles might be about right. How long did you think a brand new front set of tyres should last?

A Passat I once had could go through a set of front tyres in anything from 20k miles to 25k miles - these were different make tyres. Maybe yours were a grippier but softer set than on the 406?
Ownership experience. - TheOilBurner
I don't think I've ever heard of getting a contribution on tyres, unless there was a problem in the first few weeks on a brand new car. Find out what caused the accelerated wear and work it out from there...

It needs to be asked too, how heavy is your wife's right foot? ;)
Ownership experience. - rtj70
Tyres on my Mondeo TDCi wore on the inside a little more than the rest of the tyre. Nothing wrong with the suspension, etc. I put it down to speed humps etc. There are a lot where we live.

What was the tread like on the rest of the tyres though? A lot more than 3mm?
Ownership experience. - BigPug
I bought a 2.7 Diesel last September and put it into the local dealer for a service just before the warranty runs out at the end of the month.

New front tyres were fitted when I bought the car (at 22000 miles) and they are worn down to the canvas on the inside edge 13000 miles later.

I'd noticed they were down to about 3mm over the rest of the tread area but hadn't checked right to the inside.

The car drives straight, without even a hint of a pull to one side or the other, but the dealer has suggested a tracking check.

I'm thinking this is more likely to be a "characteristic of the model sir" and,contrary to the view expressed above, I think that 13000 mile tyre life (less really, assuming they didn't wear out this morning) is pretty poor. The car is driven to the same places, under the same conditions as my previous cars but the tyres don't seem to last as long.

Anyone got any experience of different tyre manufacturers products on this model?

Anyway, other than that, the car is absolutely perfect for my motorway journeys to work.

I too was concerned about all the electrical toys breaking down but the experience so far has been great.
Ownership experience. - ifithelps
... assuming they didn't wear out this morning...

"Cripes, officer, there was 6mm of tread when I checked 'em yesterday." :)
Ownership experience. - midlifecrisis
Had my car for coming up to two and a half years now. I got 17500m out of the front Michelins. Worn evenly and changed with a touch over 2mm of tread left. Replaced them with the same Michelin tyres. I'm very happy with the roadholding/handling.

The car has been utterly faultless. Absolutely nothing has gone wrong, no creaks or rattles and it's cost me the grand total of £132 to service.

I have been toying with the idea of changing it at the end of the year because the kids are getting taller and my eldest moans about the legroom behind me (I'm 6'2"). I just can't find anything that matches the spec (and dare I say quality) for similar money. (Although a Skoda Octavia VRs has come close)

I may just keep it for another few more years yet. (It's got about two inches of polish and wax on it, so should last a bit longer yet!)
Ownership experience. - BigPug
What engine does your car have midlife?

Mine has the 2.7 Diesel and it seems to eat tyres.

I had a Passat 1.9Tdi and it neded two sets of tyres in 7 years (70,000 miles).

Maybe it's a torque thing?
Ownership experience. - rtj70
What engine does your car have midlife?

He did start his original post above by mentioning a 2.2. The fact he gets about 30mpg suggests it the 2.2 petrol and not diesel. But he'd have probably said 2.2HDi if it was the diesel :-)
Ownership experience. - midlifecrisis
It is the petrol. I got a very significant discount off the price when I bought it, which wasn't available on the diesel. I only do 8-9000m per year so it was a no brainer. Car now has 21000m and I'm getting around 34mpg. Having just done a long run on the m/way, I'm can reiterate what a supreme cruiser this car is. I'm still as fresh as a daisy.
Ownership experience. - Alanovich
MLC - please do let me know if you do decide to sell this car in the next few years! I'm about to implement a two year plan to replace my Mazda 6 and a 407 Coupe is what my heart is currently leaning towards (VW Phaeton still in the running though..................).

Your example sounds a stunner.
Ownership experience. - midlifecrisis
Therein lies the problem. I'm currently thinking about a Skoda Octavia VRs. Really like the car and would normally be my usual impetuous self and go ahead and do a deal. But I keep looking out of the window at my car and thinking how much I still like it. I know I'd miss all the gadgets (and the marvellous seats). New tyres and no servicing needed for another 18 months!

Wife thinks I'm mad to even be considering changing it. (She's hit the nail on the head there)
Ownership experience. - Alanovich
I thoroughly recommend you keep it for two more years. Then sell it to me.

Would a "bagsy me" carry any weight?


Ownership experience. - BigPug
midlife - thanks for that.

rtj70 - you clearly have a lotof time on your hands ;-)
Ownership experience. - rtj70
rtj70 - you clearly have a lotof time on your hands ;-)

I try to scan most threads in case there is something that needs moderating. This is not always possible for obvious reasons. On this occasion I pointed out the info was in the original post if read properly :-)

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