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Multitronic reliability - Ubi
As other posters have reported well, even the brilliance of the 6 cylinder diesel engine is not enough to compensate for the twitchiness of the 3 series on the run flats. I drove a 325d Sport last weekend. Loved the engine, should be labelled entertainment, but felt as if we were in a cross wind the whole time with minor steering adjustment being constantly required.

I previously tried the new C Class. The 220 diesel sounded like a tractor in the cabin at idle. The 200K was quieter but both were too soft and soggy for my taste, and the steering was light and wooly. The ancient 5 speed auto available is a real disappointment for someone coming out of the Tiptronic era.

I?m trying the new A4 this weekend. I wonder if the 2.7 Multitronic (I?m strictly a two pedal guy) might be the compromise for me ? between the skate-like BMW and the four poster Merc.

However, I?ve read nasty reports about the longevity of the Multitronic auto box. I know Audi claim to have beefed it up recently (not before time) and it?s too early to tell if that has improved the reliability.

It would be useful to hear the full story of this upgrade if anyone knows it.
Multitronic reliability - mj62mj62
My 04 Audi with Multitronic has had a failure and Audi wants £4500 to replace it. Failed in the first 40k miles but outside of warranty.

Lots of others have had similar experiences with such early failures.

Perhaps the new ones are better?

My common advice is:

(1) Make sure you get a 7 plate clutch - the 5 plate ones are the cause of the juttering (had mine changed under warranty)

(2) Have your gearbox oil changed every 40k miles -- it's in the service book, but often gets forgotten. Someone else recommended changing it every 20k which i may start doing as these gearboxes seem notorious for failures

(3) If your PRNDS light is flashing, it may just be the switch on the transmission which costs £1000 instead of £4500 for a whole new gearbox. Specialist multitronic garages will be cheaper than main audi dealers but make sure you go to a specialist as multitronics are very complex...


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