A New Car for GWS - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
After 110,000 enjoyable , but expensive at times, miles in the Passat Estate, I've made a change.
'Get something sporty SWMBO' said, in a rash moment. So a pre-reg black Hyundai Coupe SIII, 2 litre is mine. Took delivery in a snow shower and it has been freezing fog all day. Initial impressions are that it is a torquey and easy to drive car even at the 3000rpm limit imposed for the first 500 miles.Plenty of room for my 6'2". Lots of goodies to entertain me. And I think it looks great!

A New Car for GWS - stunorthants26
A New Car for GWS - Pugugly {P}
Has it got the Nm instrument that was discussed here recently ?
A New Car for GWS - gordonbennet
Enjoy the car young man, and keep us posted as my lad is thinking about going back to a hyundai coupe to get the total reliability back in his motoring.

If you get it jacked up, have a butchers and see if its still required to dismantle the hubs and suspension to change the front discs (i know i've more front than sainsbury's).

Seriously, jolly good fortune with the car, nice looking and a bit different.
A New Car for GWS - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
It has indeed got the Nm meter and an analogue mpg meter.
Rather reminiscent of the old Redex vacuum economy gauge.
Both difficult to see and prettty pointless- but great for gadget fans!
A New Car for GWS - Pugugly {P}
Well what's the Nm for ???? ! :-)
A New Car for GWS - Alby Back
Nm ? Don't know what it's really for but it should be the " Naughty Meter ". Measuring the number of grins per mile in your new sporty coupe. ;-)
A New Car for GWS - Pugugly {P}
It a nice car I have to say..
A New Car for GWS - mrmender
I'm actualy boring enough to know how a NM meter works!
A New Car for GWS - Pugugly {P}
Tell us ! Its a question asked here the other day that I'd never dream of waning to know the answer to, but I really want to now !!
A New Car for GWS - Round The Bend
Nice one! Will be interested to hear how you and the HC get on together. It's on my maybe list.


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