To Auction or Not To Auction? - Golddog

I am close to completing the purchase of a new(ish) sports car from Car Giant. The problem is they will only me trade for my current car, a 1998S Audi A3 1.8 SE.

The Audi is in good condition for its age with top spec and I know I can get over £2,500 for it with a (reasonably) quick sale through Autotrader but don't really want to spend time photographing it and then having people coming to my house, idiot vendors calling up and the risk of somebody being unhappy in future and knowing where I live.

I'd be happy to accept £2,000 for it (Car Giant offered £1,500). Do you think this can be achieved through auction or am I best to sell it privately? I have never tried an auction before, Sure Sell looks good but they charge their commission and I still need to drive it there.

Thanks for your help.
To Auction or Not To Auction? - MichaelR
As a private entry at auction, buyers will be suspicious. Even on a good day it would be unlikely to make above trade book at auction, coupled with the fact its a private entry and I'd say you are looking at below trade value


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