New 2.0 TDCi ownership impressions - craig-pd130
Picked up my Mondeo IV 2.0 TDCi manual estate yesterday.

Initial impressions were as per my test drive, some 5 months ago now. Body control excellent (tyres are Mich Pilot Premacy 215 / 55 x 16), road & engine noise damping excellent, controls fall easily to hand & foot, etc.

Engine responsive and torquey, will report on consumption etc after first tankful. Seems more responsive to throttle with ESP switched off, but could just be my imagination.

Had to go back to the dealers today as the passenger seat securing bolts (that hold the seat rail to the floor) were hand-tight, allowing the seat to rock. There have been other reported incidents of this on the Mondeo forums. Whatever happened to PDIs, and careful assembly at the factory?

Anyway, more reports as things happen (or not).

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New 2.0 TDCi ownership impressions - craig-pd130
1600 miles up, and I feel like I'm really settling into this car.

Recently done a 700-mile motoring holiday around North Yorks and in terms of handling, ride and noise suppression it really is good.

Engine performance is punchy and it seems to be freeing up nicely, even in 6th gear (2000rpm at 70mph) there's real pull if you poke the throttle.

Economy (measured, not by computer) is 41mpg so far, which is about half open road and half town work, in cold temps. Not bad but not brilliant either.

Using the mpg computer shows that on A-road motoring it's about the same as my previous Passat (late 40s mpg) but on fast motorway runs it's much more thirsty (around 40mpg, versus 50+ for the Passat at 85-ish). Maybe there's a sweet spot that I've yet to find.

The family rate it very highly -- the kids especially praise the 'massive legroom that lets them stretch right out' and the fact that 'it's less bouncy than the old car'.

Some people have criticised the driving position. It's true you do need to raise the seat up in order to see the corners of the car but there's a massive range of adjustment, so it's easy to get comfy. One bonus is the driver's footwell is huge, with loads of room either side of the pedals so no risk of cramp on longer drives.

Biggest niggle I've found is the capless fuelling system, its design means that some diesel pumps cut out very easily which makes filling the tank a chore.

But overall, I'm pleased with it.
New 2.0 TDCi ownership impressions - Bill Payer
How are you getting on with the overall size of the car, particularly the width?

On the fuel economy comparison, was your Passat an estate? Some estates have lower final drive ratios than the saloon equiv and that can knock a bit off the economy.
New 2.0 TDCi ownership impressions - DP
You mention the excellent range of driving position adjustment, but what are the seats themselves like for comfort? This has traditionally been the weak point of various (admittedly older) Fords I've owned.

I have had superb service from all the Fords I've had, and if the new Mondeo continues this while improving the weaknesses in cabin finish and comfort, I would seriously consider one as my next car.

Sounds like a corker from your description.

New 2.0 TDCi ownership impressions - Mad Maxy
I too would be interested to know what you think of the size of the car. Does it happily slot into parking spaces?
New 2.0 TDCi ownership impressions - craig-pd130
@Bill Payer: as far as I can tell from road tests etc the gearing is the same on all body styles. The Passat was a saloon, and they were quite slippery (0.27 CD IIRC)

@DP: the seat suits me very well (they are the bog std Zetec spec seats with cloth). It's more comfy for me than in the Passat, which lacked under-thigh support. Neither as good as my old Volvo though ...

The only problem I have with the size of the car is the length, not width ... the Passat was quite wide, and although this is a couple of inches wider I don't find it a problem on the road or in parking bays.

But lengthwise, I find I'm either 3 feet away or a gnat's nose hair away ... I didn't get reversing sensors fitted, and I would recommend them :-/
New 2.0 TDCi ownership impressions - shrewsman
I am now four months and 12,500 miles with my 2.0 TDCi Titanium X. I have previously opted out of company car schemes and driven Saab 9-5 BMW 3 series and most recently Audi A6 Avant.
My new company does not offer an opt out scheme and it was with great reluctance that I had to opt for the new Mondeo encouraged by positive reports in the motoring press.
My findings are that the car is ok as a workhorse, however, the build quality is still Ford. The doors have a tinny rattle when you close them, visibility I find poor compared to the Audi, the interior finish is very plasticy and a poor quality. Both power sockets used for sat navand mobile phone have failed. The thing that bugs me most, however, is opening the tailgate when there is rain water or dew on the car because this pours into the car, bounces on the parcel shelf and lands on the contents of the boot. I cannot believe that this was not detected at the design stage, still...only another two years and eight months left on the contract.
New 2.0 TDCi ownership impressions - Stuartli
My best mate has the Ghia version with the 2.0 diesel unit, which follows three previous Mondeos (this is the first brand new Mondeo he's bought).

Only problem has been an early indication that the oil needed changing, which puzzled the dealership, but was done immediately.

My biggest gripe with his car, acquired in February, are the narrow depth side windows (seems to be a common trend these days) and the fact that care has to be taken getting out, as it's easy to bang your head; his other half has the same complaint. Don't suffer this in my class smaller VW Bora..:-)

On the other hand, the interior space is remarkable, especially with regard to rear leg room; the engine is strong and willing, road holding and ride better even than its predecessors and the exterior styling impressive, although the bonnet clearly enjoys some Volvo elements.

New 2.0 TDCi ownership impressions - craig-pd130
Some people on the Mondeo forums have also had early "oil change" lights, I think in some countries the dealers may offer a 3-month / 3K miles check over or similar, and the ECU is set accordingly.
New 2.0 TDCi ownership impressions - craig-pd130

10,500 miles up and still very, very satisfied with the ownership of this car.

Extremely comfortable on long drives -- 400+ miles days are done with less fatigue than my previous Passat, as the Ford's seats, ride / handling and noise suppression are all better. Standard Zetec suspension, 215 / 55 Michelin Pilots.

Averaged exactly 42mpg at the pumps (calculated, not by computer). Hasn't used any measurable amount of oil since the change 7,000 miles ago.

Had the "oil service" message come up at 3,500 miles which the local dealer sorted without quibble. Turned out to be a Ford bulletin about this, I got a free oil & filter change as a precaution. Apparently it's an overactive oil quality sensor, which the dealer reset. Haven't seen any warning lights or messages since.

No probs with DPF regeneration, it now does it more or less without me noticing. As I often do 2 - 3 weeks of short (under 5 miles each way) journeys, it gets a "regeneration run" every couple of weeks. This involves driving an extra 5 miles on my way home, keeping the revs around 2,300rpm in 3rd or 4th gear. This will start a regen. which takes 5 mins or so.

Nothing's broken or fallen off. A rattle from the driver's door trim turned out to be a loose trim screw.

However, the one thing I would say is, the under-bonnet assembly of inlet / intercooler / vacuum hoses was a bit slapdash on my car. Now, I like to have a poke around under the bonnet to see where things go, and so I corrected the badly-fitted hose clips, the approximate fit of hose joins etc. The car feels a lot better for it. But a less enthusiastic owner may encounter niggly problems like stalling and uncertain throttle response, and never know how good their car should be. I'm hoping to put together a complete check list of all the items I found that needed correcting, as a guide for other owners.
New 2.0 TDCi ownership impressions - Stuartli
>>Had the "oil service" message come up at 3,500 miles>>

My best mate has had the same low mileage requirement on his '57 Mondeo 2.0 TDCI - done by dealer.

Like all previous Mondeos it's a cracking car, perhaps too good in many ways for the market it serves as it's not really appreciated by many owners.

For those who enjoy a true driver's car it's superb, as is the Focus.