New car, MPG query - TimOrridge
Seat Ibiza 57plate 1.4 petrol sport 85 PS

Hi all,

Dad has picked new car up today. As part of his works policy he can have a new car every 6 months for a reasonably monthly fee. He originally wanted an ibiza 1.4 tdi 75PS for the better mpg having had the jetta 1.9 tdi 105ps before. However the lease co made a admin error and delivered the petrol 1.4 in same spec. SO having found out the diesel couldnt be delivered for 3 weeks (had to be 08 plate) he decided to take the petrol.

Just a query about the mpg really. On the 80 mile trip home the avearge read 42mpg. I know cars have to be run in and what would he expect after that? Any owners or not experince handy here.

He drives normal and work and back in week and possibly a day trip at the weekend
New car, MPG query - bimmer-driver
That sounds pretty good for a car with a still tight engine. I would only expect him to get a few mpg more when its run in and measured exactlly.

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