'94, 1324cc. Stereo fitting - bathtub tom
I've been given a Toyota R/C (from a '90s Corolla, I think, when it had a CD player fitted) and would like to fit it in my old Kia. My display's had it - it makes tuning quite a challenge.

The physical size is fine, but without a wiring diagram for either available, I'm stumped.
There's no Haynes for the Kia, and I can't find any info on the interweb thingy for the new R/C.

I don't want to spend too much, because I don't even know if the Toyota R/C works.

If I could find wiring diagrams, and a plug with tail for the new R/C (scrapyard?) I could probably lash something up with chocolate strip.

I doubt if I could find a suitable lead I could 'plug and go' with, unless anyone knows otherwise?
'94, 1324cc. Stereo fitting - Kingpin
Hi Tom. You are going to struggle trying to match at Toyota stereo with unknown wiring connections to a Kia wiring loom. It's easy enough to trace the power, earth, ignition etc with test bulb for the Kia but I would suggest getting a new or secondhand CD player off the internet or similar with instructions, say Kenwood or Goodmans which can be had for £50 or so new. Then you will know what goes where, you could get a test lamp and trace the relevant wires in the Kia and connect up or you might be able to get one of those ISO connector looms which match up standard stereo connectors to car's standard connectors.
But these can set you back £10 or so.
I would go with option one. Unless you feel brave you might risk blowing the Toyota stereo or your Kia's fuses by guessing the connections.
'94, 1324cc. Stereo fitting - bathtub tom
Thanks Kp.

Further thought, I've realised It's probably got a code as well, and ther's no way of asking the previous owner, he's sold the car and subsequently died. I'm giving up, and tuning blind still.

Anyone want an old Toyota R/C?


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