Run out (out of round) TD Dunlop tyres - Brian Rowe
I have a noise from well worn rear tyres on a 1996 BMW tds which is similar to wheel bearing wow.
My garage says is not bearing noise. but out of true (oval) tyres
It is not apparent until 40mph and does not increase in volume at higher speeds.They agree that the car is not as smooth as your normal BMW but that I must live with it until new tyres are needed or change to normal rims and tyres.
Has anyone else had/reported a problem with Dunlop D40 TD 230/55 ZR 390.
Also the tyres seem to wear the centre of the tread instead of evenly.
Re: Run out (out of round) TD Dunlop tyres - honest john
These tyres can be so hard to obtain that many owners resort to a wheel and tyre swap. (The rims don't take any other tyres.)

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