'99 1.6RXE Rough idle + Car won't rev up - AdamF

The car got a flat battery because the rear interior hatch light was on for 3-4 days in error so I called the RAC to get me going with a jump start...then the trouble started...prior to the RAC man visiting the car was fine.

A day or so later I went to use the car and it would not run at all well.

Although it starts OK it idles roughly it will not rev up or seem to take any load on the throttle ? consequently it runs at 10miles per hour only, cuts out frequently & is basically completely unfit to drive.

My local private garage had the car for 6 weeks & have given the car back to me as they have not been able to fix it, with a £500 (heavily reduced price) bill. / The car is only worth £800 part ex.

Their report is as follows:

Trouble Codes:-
Oxygen sensor circuit
Loss of Power to ECU

Items Checked:-
All engine sensors check out OK on ove data, except oxygen sensor which remains low all the time, unless fuel is restricted or MAP sensor vaccum pipe disconnected, then fluctuates normally.
Continuity between oxygen sensor and ECU checked OK
All earths in engine bay and on engine OK
Earths and power to ECU OK
ECU independently checked twice (both OK)

New parts fitted:-
Oxygen Sensor
Inlet manifold gaskets
New Fuel Pump
Fuel Regulator
Spark Plugs and leads
Fuel replaced in case of contamination

Engine appears to be running far too lean

I subsequntly gave the car to the local Renault garage and the cannot find anything at fault on their diagnostoc system and have checked the electricals etc and have also completely drawn a blank with their own car!

The co-incidence of the jump start right at the beginning seems a strong one and i think this may be connected.......please help if you can and I will pass any advice back through to the Renault garage...!!

'99 1.6RXE Rough idle + Car won't rev up - Screwloose

The very obvious is missing from that list - the throttle body.

After depowering, it would have lost it's basic setting and would need recalibrating at the very least. They're very fragile at the best of times; so it could easily have failed.

Hasn't the dealer tried a re-adaption - or even a new one?
'99 1.6RXE Rough idle + Car won't rev up - cheddar
>>as they have not been able to fix it, with a £500 (heavily reduced price) bill.>>

Seems unreasonable that you take a car in with a problem and the garage gives it back with the same problem and charges you !

We have the same car, a 1.6 RXE, have had it since nearly new and it has been great*

We had one case of a flat battery though I guess not completely dead and had no problems, when the battery was changed the power was disconnected though only for a couple of minutes.

*EDIT: In fact if I saw a mint one, low mileage I would probably buy it, our has no sign of corrosion, is well equipped (air con etc) and drives very well, rides the bumps well and handles OK, ideal torquey engine charteristics plus nearly 40 mpg. The later 16vs are crisp and free revving though not as gutsy at low rpm.

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'99 1.6RXE Rough idle + Car won't rev up - Skyline
Hi Just a quick note, has anyone come up with the solution for this problem as I have exactly the same issue with a clio I bought. It was jump started and since then it has never run really.

Any help will be vry much appreciated, I ahve changed most things but really feel like giving up now.
'99 1.6RXE Rough idle + Car won't rev up - SwiftC
Did you ever resolve the problem? If so would you save my sanity and tell me how you fixed it? I would be so grateful as I am suffering the same thing. Regards Richard

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'99 1.6RXE Rough idle + Car won't rev up - bell boy
water ingress into the wiring loom under the bonnet not helped by giving it a back flush with a battery on the wrong way round
i find it unbelievable that a garage can take £500 off someone and not even give a printout of the emmissions
its the first thing i do
second thing is a code read if i can depending on make

theres an excellant article by frank massey on exactly the same fault in this months aftermarket but this time on a skoda,he went on to slag can bus which made my day
'99 1.6RXE Rough idle + Car won't rev up - Sazzle
The same recently happened with mine. Started it up on Saturday and it was really roughly idling (chugging), loss of power, couldn't drive it anywhere. Mine is due to a fault which has developed in one of the coil packs, a loose wire etc. A new coil pack costs around £30 and is very simple to fit. The symptoms were due to the car only running on two cylinders - in this car one coil packs fires two of the spark plugs and therefore two cylinders, with two out of action the cylinders are out of balance which causes the rough idling.

Let me know how you get on.