Driving in Amsterdam - Big Bird
Or more precisely being driven -

En-route from Schiphol to city centre hotel last week our (company contract) taxi was driving under the gantries about 20 kph over the posted (variable) signed limit (80kpH).

I was just asking the driver ?don?t you have speed cameras over here? when a saloon cut in front of us and a little dot matrix board popped up with ?volgie politie? (or something close to that ? follow police).

We were escorted to lay-by, driver questioned and then told to take us to the hotel and come back to the police station.
In front of us in the lay-by was another taxi/police check in progress.

He drove us again later in the week and said he had been given an 800 Euro fine ? 150 for speeding and 650 for not correctly completing his timesheet. Apparently they have to write down the time immediately they pick up a passenger to monitor their driving hours.

Two things struck me:

Traffic Police and enforcement are still a priority in Holland (unlike the UK)

That?s a hell of a fine! That will take plenty of working off.

Driving in Amsterdam - daveyjp
Can't agree.

It will be just like here - getting pulled will be so rare it's worth taking the risk in speeding, if the chances of being pulled were higher the taxi driver wouldn't speed and his paperwork would be in order.

BTW I saw a traffic cop pulling somone on the M62 at 10.45pm last night.

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