1998 1.8TD Glow plug warning light - Flicker
for nearly 10 months the orange glow plug warning light on the dashboard has been intermittently flickering on and off whilst driving. sometimes it lights up and stays on for a while and other times it justs illuminates for a few seconds.
on 2 occasions it has attempted to light up, though very weakly when attemptng to start the car but at the first attempt the engine won't turn over, but turning the ignition off and on again enabled the engine to start.
new glow plugs were fitted a year ago and a new battery was installed november 2007, after replacing the battery the fault stopped for aroud 2 weeks then re-appeared.
any help greatly appreciated.
also, passenger electric window will not work, any suggestions?
1998 1.8TD Glow plug warning light - piston power
You could try checking the electrical connections on the timer & relays unplug them and clean them, a little grease in the female terminal's won't hurt.

Im sure some better sparkys will be a long to help you more.

The window any power to motor? or switch? good luck..
1998 1.8TD Glow plug warning light - Screwloose

The glow light is set by a signal from the engine ECU to the display controller. This could be a bad connexion or earth to the engine ECU [these will run without it] or even a display fault.

Check the ECU in the passengers kick panel isn't wet.
1998 1.8TD Glow plug warning light - Flicker
Thanks guys, i'll check connections and ecu/earths on the weekend.


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