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Spray & Shine - Car cleaning products. - Johno
I am looking for impartial opinions on the Spray & Shine range of cleaning products. The product range is quite frequently demonstrated on Ideal World freeview channel. Where they often read out lots of viewers raving recommendations. I do not think I could bring myself to cleaning my car without water but maybe this is now considered an old fashioned attitude. Has anyone used this product and can endorse that it is as good as Ideal World make it out to be.

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Spray & Shine - Car cleaning products. - grumpyscot
Tried it. Never again. Totally useless. Swirl marks and scratches. Thankfully the car was at the end of the lease!

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Spray & Shine - Car cleaning products. - runboy
Agree - I would never touch with any length of barge pole.

Look at any number of car "detailing" forums and you will hardly ever see mention of this stuff, and if you do mention it you'll never be spoken to again.

The idea I presume is this spray and wax stuff is very slippy and coats the grit but it won't coat the side stuck to the paintwork and thus you get a grating affect. Not nice at all.

For me it a good rinse with the hose or pressure washer (including wheel arches and underside) then a spray all over with diluted wash stuff. Then using a stringy, wolly mit (not sponge as they are hard and trap and dirt between it and the paintwork again giving swirls) give it a good wash. Then a dry with a microfibre towel.

I think I'm fussy - you should see how much money some people spend on car cleaning products - but the results are amazing.

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