(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - shanno
I recently bought a C5 2.0 Hdi and a warning "Anti pollution fault" appears on the display.This warning appears only every now and then.Took it back to dealer and he said it was a low voltage problem.Ya right.What is the solution to this problem?Thanks for any replys that may come.

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(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - reg75
I had this message on my 2.2 HDi 5 years old and 68000miles
turned out to be particulate filter in exhaust system
and Eloys fluid injected into fuel tank by computer on fueling up
Expensive job with main dealer, but experienced citroen non dealers should be cheaper.

Don't know about your 2.0 litre, may not be the same.
hope this helps

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Anti pollution fault - Screwloose

Low voltage to what? Any codes or fault details?
Anti pollution fault - shanno
Low voltage to everything,bad battery.Knew he was spoofing but wanted to research before going back.Only fault is the afore mentioned.Owners manual says it's caused by urban driving/diesel particle filter clogged,but seems more than that.Thanks.
Anti pollution fault - Screwloose

More accurate details needed. Is this a new car or a second-hand one? If so; what year? Does it even have a FAP [DPF] in the exhaust? Many 2.0 ltr HDi's don't. [What's the next letter after RH in the VIN number?]

The "anti-pollution" fault message is a generic one that covers virtually any fault with the engine electronics. It just means that the ECU has detected a problem and set a fault-code in the memory.

If the voltage of the whole car falls, then it displays "economy mode" and all non-essential electrics die. Has this happened?

Anti pollution fault - rustbucket
I have had this fault description,with engine management light on for the last 2 1/2 years and 50000 miles the citroen keep replacing various sensors usually the MAF but fault description returns within a few miles or less.However it may be a coincidence but last week the Traffic master suddenly came to life (its license had expired 2 years ago and was turned off) at the same time the engine management light went out and the fault message dissapeared.The problem now is I cannot turn Traffic master off (the voice keeps asking to renew subscription).
Anti pollution fault - Ben79
I've read on the C5-L Yahoo Group that ageing batteries can cause all sorts of warning messages and strange symptoms.

Anti pollution fault - Trevivian

How can I find out whether my 1.6 HDI C5 has a particulate filter? The VIN is VF7RE9HZC76757915.

Anti pollution fault - kneenie
i have got c5 20hdi 2002 the code i have got are 1352 / p0090 please can you help me i am getting pulled left and right people are tell al different things thanks
Anti pollution fault - Bill Black
In my 4 years of C5 ownership I got a lot of help from this board, then somebody recommended I try www.frenchcarforum.co.uk. loads of C5 info there, give it a go.
Incidentally the 'Anti pollution fault' came up on my C5 about every six weeks on average, over 4 years! I loved the car, but the reliability was non-existent, which is why I smile when I read the rave reviews for the new C5. My 18 month old Swindon Honda hasn't had one single hiccup, not one.
(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - reg75
I had this message on my 2.2 HDi 5 years old and 68000miles
turned out to be particulate filter in exhaust system
and Eloys fluid injected into fuel tank by computer on fueling up
Expensive job with main dealer, but experienced citroen non dealers should be cheaper.

Don't know about your 2.0 litre, may not be the same.
hope this helps

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(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - sparky0103
Hi i have a 2.0 hdi van 04, my engine warning light comes on when on a long trip and engine goes in to limp mode, can get the light to go off if i turn engine off then restart and rev it, it clears but does come back on!! ok on little trips was told it was the fuel presure regulator replaced this at cost of £300 as had to buy the common rail as well, some one please help this is driving me insane!!!
(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - Screwloose
Was told it was the fuel pressure regulator; replaced this at cost of £300, as I had
to buy the common rail as well.

Do you mean the fuel-rail pressure sensor? The regulator is in the pump. Bosch or Siemens system?

What made you go for that component? What codes were stored?
(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - sparky0103
Hi thanks very much for your response, that might have answered my question, as my local garage pluged it into there computer and told me it was the fuel presure regulator, when i rang Citroen and asked for the fuel presure regulator they gave me the rail and some pipes which i was lead to belive this was the regulator! and have fitted them.
Siemens ecu and old rail siemens, but new one i have fitted is bosh.
Im so frustrated just need to sort this problem now as it is getting worse each day, some one else has told me that the fuel presure regulator is a common fault on all diesels with the common rail at around 80000miles which mine is just coming up to.
Thanks for your help and advise
(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - Screwloose

So the wrong part; wrong price - and from the wrong maker?? Curious...

There are few codes that concern any specific part. You virtually never plug in a scanner and get told to replace a part. I think your garage needs to learn a lot more about these systems before recommending replacement of expensive bits on a whim.

I've a feeling that they got P1112 [FRP sensor signal out of expected range] or P1138 [fuel-pressure regula-TION] both of which can be caused by many different things, including the very common wiring faults.

Try and find out which. In the meantime stop throwing bits at it; there's at least another £4000 worth left and it's always better to diagnose than guess.

[And pressure regulators are not a common fault at around 80K.]
(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - sparky0103
Hi thanks for your speedy response i have booked the van into citroen on monday i will keep you posted and also express my unhappyness with regard to the wrong part. Thank you once again for your knowledge.
Kind regards
(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - Ben79
I'd not send my car to the main dealer (well at least the ones I've been to) but try a Bosch Independent diesel specialist. www.boschautoparts.co.uk/dsMain.asp?c=4&d=2

My local man is very good and gave my car a clean bill of health after extensive testing 40,000+ miles ago when the main dealer diagnosed a new turbo was required for poor performance. Resetting the codes on the computer fixed it.

Even though he wasn't the cheapest for an air con refill can you guess who I used?
(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - phyrhk
Hi. The "anti pollution fault" has come up twice in my 6 year old C5 2.2HDi (4HX). Both times after the engine suddenly stopped without warning. The first time was 2 years ago and it happened every time I pushed down the pedal and the engine geared down one step. After the engine stops, I have to wait for 30-60seconds before it will restart. All sorts of other messages are also shown, like ?engine immobilizer fault?, ?engine oil level low? and also the ?airbag-is-deactivated (passenger side)? is light although the switch is showing it is active! The same problem has just now reoccurred.

Last time, the dealer found (I quote): No errors on proxia. Measured pressure from diesel filter. Pressure too high. Changed diesel filter. Added new wire in fuse box. Info Rapid no. 36.

As the problem has just reoccurred, I was wondering if any on this forum would know what the problem really is before I take it back to the same dealer. And, why on earth did they add a new wire and what does Rapid no. 36 mean?

The car has done 120000km now.
(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - Screwloose

That no.36 sounds like a technical bulletin regarding a mod to these awful "smart" fuseboxes.

Given the fault; the lack of codes and all the simultaneous warnings, this could well be a power feed fault - maybe they should change the whole fusebox as it contains the primary fuel pump control system.

Which diesel filter did they change - fuel or particle?
(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - phyrhk
They changed the fuel filter and told me that it that didn't help, they would have to change the fuel pump. After reading about the C5 on the internet today, it seems that the dealers have no remedy for this problem. It is not fun to drive around nervous at all times because the car might stop.

I will probably have the battery changed because it is about 6 years old now and I understand that a good power supply is a key to a healthy C5.
(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - Screwloose

The battery it well due; but it's only ballast once the alternator is charging.

If this is a power distribution fault, then it'll be fusebox or wiring. The dealers will have remedies for all the C5's ills - it's just selecting the right one from so many.....
(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - NVH
Just getting this message now on my 2.2 Hdi every time I start the engine, and very rarely on a long run.
Bought s/h, now 46000 miles on 04 plate.
New battery fitted in Feb.
I suspect FAP filter / Eolys needs early change/top up.
Returns 44-46 mpg on long runs post oil change (brim to brim measurement).

fault code cleared when battery fitted but has now returned.

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(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - Screwloose

A FAP problem usually flags "Diesel filter blocked" not the catch-all "Aunti Pollution fault."

Until you get the codes read, you won't know which of 3000 codes has been stored.
(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - NVH
FAP filter replaced + Eolys topped up yesterday at 47000 miles - all filters/fluids replaced as part of 4 year service.
674 Euros the lot -(in Germany) except oil change which was done earlier.

First impressions good. No warning messages yet.
Not going too far until the snow clears, but was cruising at a comfortable 110mph last week...

I had the diesel filter blocked message a few months ago after a few weeks of short journeys.

The FAP filter change depends on mpg.
My last C5 @ 52k with 42-43mpg.
This C5 @ 46k with 40 mpg (less bhp)
Newer C5s of course are due at 80k...

(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - NVH
Another update.
After the FAP+Eolys change everything was ok for 500 miles or so.
Then the "AP" message + warning lights came on again, so I ignored it for the next 1500 miles of high speed motoring...no alerts when driving.

Filled up last week with French "no sulphur" diesel. Warnings all go off.
Filled up with German diesel. Warnings on again.
Filled up again with French diesel. Warnings off again.
Recorded 48mpg. A record !
Back in UK- just the odd beep at startup.
Have given up worrying.

(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - Collos25
Do you think its trying to tell you something its probably homesick.
(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - peugeot_stu
Just for info, have 2.0 hdi in my 206, had probs this week, started to get difficult to start, changed the fuel filter, it was a FRAM. hadnt run 10 mins when the MIL came on and she started cutting out etc, found it would re start if i let the in tank pump run till it stopped and then started it. hmm bought a new £138 in tank pump. went ok for a few miles and then it went tits up again. took off the fuel regulator from the end of the hi pressure bosch pump, fiddled with the end and put it back, ran ok for a couple of miles and then same old story. was going to change the cam belt so thought i would do that and take the hi pressure pump to the test shop for a check. went back 2 days later, was told the regulator was shagged, new one fitted, pump stripped, new seals fitted, hmm how much? £300! ouch! labour was £59 plus vat per hour, charged for 2.5 hrs.
took it home and put it all together, started ok, went for a run, 2 miles and light on, cutting out etc, seriously sick now. bear in mind have now spent £438!!
remembered reading about a similar prob months ago, and said changing fuel filter cured it. went and bought another filter, changed it and hom dooly la it is now ok! looked at the fram box and saw it had gasoline written on it, it was the right shape etc BUT!
any way, just food for thought if any one is using or their garage is using FRAM filters or other non oem ones then perhaps there could be an issue here. was finally able to drive it the workshop where my mate checked the codes, one was lo high pressure fuel and the other was faulty regulator. i suspect i had 2 probs, the original caused by the reulator starting to fail and the rest of it caused by a bad filter slowing the flow of fuel down.
lessons learned expensively!
feel free to contact me to discuss.
(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - NVH
Fuel filter changed on my 2.2 hdi.
The old one was almost completely blocked.
Total cost 71 Euros including the diagnostic after fitting filter.
I am now looking forward to living with good old fault code P0338 ( glowplugs).
(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - Screwloose

Is there a problem with your local diesel? It's rare for a diesel filter to block inside it's normal service life.
(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - NVH
I normally use shell, but have been taking the car to France, Belgium & Germany a lot this year, almost running on fumes twice...

(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - fedupcitroen

I have the exact same problem- citroen diesel 2.0 cuts out randomly while driving. Very annoying. I know this thread is old but by any chance anyone reading this have found a solution?

(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - Ben79

Look on FrenchCarForum and find someone with a Lexia computer who can plug your car in and identify what's wrong. There's many possible reasons for such a fault and the car needs to be plugged into the proper computer.

(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - speedo
I have had the same fault on my 2004 C5 2.2 litre VTR.
My local Citroen dealer here in France has managed to find the fault after two inspections, and a conversation with the Citroen specialist at the factory.
The fault was traced to a leak in the hose that links the solenoid operated control valve to the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) gate.
Hope this helps.
(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - NVH
Just had my C5 fixed this week at 58000 miles with the dealer service.

Also due to the EGR / vacuum pipe as identified in one of the other threads which linked to specialist C5 forums noting this as a as a common fix.
Total cost to fix prob £150-ish including parts.
Dread to think what it would have cost without BR support !

However: on previous experience the APF message /warning light may come on 300 miles or so after the fault is cleared. I have a long trip to the snow bound north planned this weekend.
If I don't report back, assume the fault is cleared !

(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - c5owningdickhead


My 2001 2.2 hdi C5 is seriously down on power and frequently (every other journey) brings up the anti-pollution message and kills what little power it has left, have been advised by a French car specialist to change the map and the maf sensor, which I shall do when funds allow, my main query is does anybody know where the anti pollution ecu lives? When the car was plugged in they couldn't access the AP ecu to do a forced regeneration or reset the eolys level as the ecu has died. I now need to find the ecu to get the part number off but have no idea where to start looking!

Any help is much appreciated!!!!


(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - NVH

Here we are...a few years later.

Faults fixed. car sold a year or so later with ca 100k on the clock.

Now running a facelifted C5 2.0 160model.

(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - bowjest

i have a c5 sx 2lt petrol version on a 02 plate

i had the same anti polution message and the engine light on and the service light on the rev counter on.

simply went to my friendly mechanic, who connected up the fault tester meter, but it found no faults

so went to service settings, set ignition key to setting 2 depressed the zero mile ometer button on the speed dial side for 10 seconds and re set service time till zero, ( service now due in 18000 miles time)

anti polution message cleared engine and service lights off !!!

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(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - Gibbo_Wirral

I'm assuming the car has been regularly serviced bowjest, and the service counter just wasn't reset last time?

(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - bowjest

i have a 02 plate C5 petrol , no warning messages, then suddenly got the antipollution thing up, engine and service lights on, went back to garage i bought it from, conected up their computer thing, it said ,,,no faults,,???

they re set cpu to factory default settings and it cleared the message.

then the same thing happened again about 3 months later, repeated above action and so far all is well

(01-08) 2.0 HDi - Anti pollution fault - Gibbo_Wirral

I don't think they're telling you the truth. First of all its the "BSI" or "ECU", neither of which you just "reset to factory default".

Secondly, they need the Lexia equipment to do this. If they did have this, I guarantee it would have picked up whatever caused the anti pollution fault, or reading live data would have highlighted where the fault was.

I've been diagnosing Peugeot and Citroens for a number of years now and never had "no faults" when anti pollution fault has appeared.

I wonder if they just did a BSI reset and hoped the problem didn't come back.


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