2000+ rav 4 - any experiences - adam f
Me and my partner and thinking of buying a toyota rav4. what i am after from you guys is any experiences you have had or any advice from a personel level.
we have seen a 2002 3dr diesel (d-4) but it is £6500, but petrols are going for around £4000.

Is the extra cost justified. girlfriend will be main user of the car. her work is a 15 mile round trip -5 days a week, but we do go to southampton about twice a month to see family and friends, which is a 140 mile round trip each time.

any advice is much appreciated

Merry christmas

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2000+ rav 4 - any experiences - 02skn
Have a look at toyotaownersclub.com and go to the Rav4 forum. Good set of guys on there with some good information.
2000+ rav 4 - any experiences - Alby Back
I believe hairdressers rate them very highly ......if that helps ? ;-)
2000+ rav 4 - any experiences - bimmer-driver
Bear in mind that dual mass flywheels are a common thing to go on the diesels.
2000+ rav 4 - any experiences - I'm a Pane
SWMBO has a 2003 rav4 having previously had a 1997 one. both have been faultless, except for the remotes suseptibility to static which sometimes makes it 'lose' the code to lock/unlock. If its the 1.8 you are looking at petrol wise I can highly recommend it - smooth, sweet and plenty quick enough - certainly feels the equal of the previous 2.0. Fuel economy not too bad either. Looking at the mileage you're doing, I wouldn't pay the diesel premium. And don't be afraid of highish mileage - Toyota built quality is excellent. If its just the two of you the 3 door will be fine, but if you have kids then the 5 door will be better if its to be used as the main family car. Finally, remember low spec vehicles are 2 wheel drive - check the model you look at if this is important.

Good luck!
2000+ rav 4 - any experiences - Marc
I'm sure I've read that the 2000 on model was known as "the rattler" - don't know why however.

We used to own a 99V, last of the line, MkI facelift 5 door - no problems at 80k or thereabouts when we got rid. My only gripe with MkI and MkII RAVs is the fact that the rear seats are only really meant for two ie no middle bench as such.

With your mileage, no way would I pay that kind of premium for the diesel. We had the 2.0 petrol with autobox and it easily got about 30 mpg and that was with mostly urban running.
2000+ rav 4 - any experiences - Manwithaplan
I know of someone who owned one from new (Y reg I think) and after a three or so years the gearbox went. It was out of warranty anyway. This was the diesel model.
2000+ rav 4 - any experiences - Pendlebury
I think the RAV4 has been fairly reliable overall and if you really need a mini 4x4 then this is one of the better ones.
The rattly comment above is probably to do with the fact that many owners that post on here have usually found that there are a lot of rattles in their cars - that was the case with my Toyota as well.
They are generally reliable but build quality is poor IMO (I put the rattles down to poor build quality).
2000+ rav 4 - any experiences - Galaxy
My friend owns a RAV4; it's an '02 Petrol 2.0 litre with an automatic gearbox.

I have travelled in his vehicle several times and it's absolutely superb! I haven't noticed any rattles. Nothing whatsoever like the Land Rover that he has the misfortune to own previously, which was very agricultural in comparison and nothing but trouble. He purchased both vehicles brand new.

RAV4's are very popular with buyers and, as a result, hold their prices extremely well. My friend was originally considering buying a second user vehicle. However, when he looked around, the prices were so close to that of new cars he decided to go for a new one.

Five years on his RAV4 still looks like a new car. It is regularly serviced, originally by a Toyota main dealer but now by a good local independent. The only problems which have occurred are a very minor one with the rear brakes which caused them to start making a noise, which was repaired under warranty, and problems with the coatings on the road-wheels.

It's this fault which has considerably annoyed him. The finish on all four alloy road wheels has corroded very badly, which considerably ruined the overall appearance of the vehicle. He contacted Toyota about this problem which, unfortunately, mainfested itself after the 3 year warranty had expired, but they didn't even have the decency to reply to his letter! He has now had the wheels refinished at his own expense. The bodyshop have done an excellent job, and even refinished the spare which had never been on the road, but probably easier than trying to match the other four to the spare!

The odd thing is, though, both the bodyshop and the tyreshop have told my friend that this wheel problem is not a common problem on RAV4's, so perhaps he has just been unlucky!

2000+ rav 4 - any experiences - henry k
>>any advice is much appreciated
Can I assume you have done an eyes right and got HJ's words ;-)
2000+ rav 4 - any experiences - adam f
yes already looked at that but i prefer 'hands on advice' as i feel that is a lot better then just a rewiew.
2000+ rav 4 - any experiences - Lud
I have a friend who has one, a petrol automatic. She likes the way it drives (I've never been in it myself) but it has had two niggling faults: a blocked or displaced drain tube down the screen pillar, and a tendency to run its battery flat if parked for two days.
2000+ rav 4 - any experiences - caraman
We have a 2003 Rav 2L diesel, which we've owned from new, in the last 2 years it has mainly only been used for pulling the caravan. At 35.000 miles in March this year it suddenly started making a noise that sounded like the tappits were tap dancing on the bonnet. Diagnosed as the clutch, 3 garages declined to do the work, billed at 10 hours labour
Our friendly Toyota dealer did some talking with head office and agreed to replace the full clutch, flywheel, bearing and cover, if we paid for the labour. they did us a reduced deal at £782. we did well, you might think, untill at 600 miles it all had to be replaced again !! at Toyota's full expence, thankfully.
All 5 wheels were replaced under warranty on the 3yr service, badly pitted.
Up to this year we loved it, now we wonder how long it will last !
2000+ rav 4 - any experiences - klystron
I have owned two post 2000 Rav4's, and both were 2.0L petrol auto's. Yes they do rattle, initially there was a problem with a plastic cover over the battery which would rattle against the metalwork below the windscreen. Eventually cured with foam tape in a few strategic positions. Other rattles did occur from time to time. IMHO this vehicle is over rated.

Check here tinyurl.com/5fn6g3 for all you need to know about the Toyota RAV4 from other owners. This is an excellent source of info.

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