1995 GLX thermostat control - no heat or full - longdistance

I'm hoping I can fix the thermostat control on my 1995 405 GLX. It is either off or on. IE, if you set the control to the left the heater appears to be off. but if you move it just an inch to the right, the heating comes on at full heat. Moving it any further to the right makes no difference to how hot the car gets.

I happen to have another, identical 1995 405 GLX with working heating available to strip. But I don't know what to remove to get to the thermostat control or where any of the components that may be implicated actually are.

I'd appreciate any helpful tips. Thanks!


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405 GLX thermostat control - no heat or full - Peter.N.
If its the same as the Citroen, there will be a temperature sensor above the windscreen, on the Citroen it's behind the interior light. It contains a thermistor and a tiny fan the blows air onto it from the car interior. If the thermistor is faulty or the fan isn't running the control unit gets no feed back from the car, so the heater will only work when it is overidden, which is what the temperature control does when its full on. Being in the enviable position of having a complete set of spares, try changing the panel.

405 GLX thermostat control - no heat or full - longdistance
Thanks for that Peter. I don't know anything about Citroens but I can see the panel of courtesy light, swivelling map light and unidentifiable black plastic plate in the centre of the roof by the windscreen.

No idea how to get it off but the Haynes manual awaits this weekend.



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