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Points removal query - milkyjoe
hi, do you have to pay to get the points removed from ones paper part of the driving license once they have expired or does it depend on the offence, or can you still do the change of address ploy , ie tell them you have moved (give girlfriends address) then a week later change address again (to your original address) hey presto brand spanking new license ( oh by the way its a photo one) thanks mj

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Points removal query - jbif
or can you still do the change of address ploy

Hello milkyjoe,
You don't happen to know of any other scams to con the taxpayer out of their money, do you? It would be nice to share those with other tealeaves too.

Points removal query - Quinny
After a number of years,I've just upgraded mine to a photo one,and it came back clear of any points,and i didn't even need to send another photo in,as they used a digital image from my passport,and it only cost £10.
Points removal query - rtj70
But if you did as you suggest you're not only defrauding all tax payers for the sake of a few quid (it costs to change license details and print it and you want to do it twice for free) but when you have your address illegally as your girlfriends you are at risk. Have an accident or something during that time and you might get a fine bigger than the cost to remove points. Risk will be low but .... but why not pay to remove if that's what you want?

Why remove the points anyway? If they do not count anymore due to being expired it's irelevant they are on your paper counterpart. They do not count. I had an accident some years ago with 5 points expired and had to give a statement. On tape the police officer looked at the license (with the expired points) and said clean license/no points.

So either pay or leave them on there. Mine have been on the license (all 5 of them) since 1999. It's only £12 to do this anyway! Request a replacement for a lost license and it's something like £19. Bottom line is don't get points and no need to remove.

Happy with my "clean" license with 5 points ;-)
Points removal query - rtj70
Oh and if you do want a new license (paying or otherwise) check entitlements when it comes back. If you have motorcycle/HGV/etc. they often forget that bit and remove. Not a real issue as all applications via post are archived to microfiche but a pain.
Points removal query - milkyjoe
if i can scrape a bit of "tax payers" money back i will , dont we get robbed hand over fist at the pumps anyway? after all why part with hard earned cash if you can get around it, i didnt say anything about doing things illegally
Points removal query - rtj70
Was not having a go but my reference to illegal still holds. You suggest saying you live where you do not for a week or so - licences tend to be quicker though. If you forget to let DVLA know of new address and got stopped that is an offence. You want to be economical with the truth.

I agree we pay enough tax etc but at the moment it's £12 to remove points. Go for it but pointing out your risk to save twelve quid.
Points removal query - Ruperts Trooper
Yes, you should pay to get points removed, at least in theory. When I changed address, which meant a new paper licence I tried to get a 1973 endorsement removed. DVLA insisted I'd have to pay so I didn't bother.

My son did the same when he move a year ago and got a clean licence back.

I guess it depends on the level of incompetence of the person dealing with the paperwork.
Points removal query - Armitage Shanks {p}
Is the address on your driving licence where you live or the place thru which you can be contacted? I believe one can establish 'residence' at a place by leaving a suitcase of posessions there. Another way of getting rid of, or avoiding, points would seem to be to 'lose' your licence the day a NIP arrives, get a replacement licence on which to have the points put, and then 'find' the clean one to use and show on a 'producer' if required. Devious or illegal - which?

Edited by Armitage Shanks {p} on 02/12/2007 at 09:42

Points removal query - Manatee
>>Devious or illegal - which?

Probably dumb, rather than devious, and illegal. There is a central record attached to your driver number at DVLA - I'd be surprised if this wasn't picked up should you collect another endorsement - and why bother for a producer? Just produce the endorsed one - they don't charge you for that.

Maybe I missed the point of the question?
Points removal query - jbif
if i can scrape a bit of "tax payers" money back i will

I don't want to pay any motoring related taxes (or any other for that matter) either, so please let us know of any legal scams you can find. I think know the answer, give up motoring and move abroad.
Points removal query - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
Develop a notifiable illness like diabetes*.
Every three years I get a fresh licence. And, hey presto, points are gone!
And you get free prescriptions and eyesight tests.

* not recommended.

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