Wiper Blades - Tham
I am currently using Bosch standard wiper blades, with so-called "tropicalised" rubber (I'm from Malaysia).

They seem to behave much like the Trico wipers mentioned in your review here, especially that described for the Teflon ones.


When it has just started to drizzle a bit starting with a dry windscreen, it wipes ok. However, if I start off the car after a heavy downpour, with a fully wet windscreen, the
driver's side wiper in particular tends to judder badly.
Might there be any explanation for this ?

I'm wondering if it is the rubber, since this doesn't seem to happen, or as often, with other wiper blades.

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Wiper Blades - Hamsafar
Sounds like the wipers are surfing. Check that they are perpendicular to the glass, which is quite hard to do, and you have to twist or bend them with mole-grips if they aren't.

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