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07, 3.2 Multitronic. Smell of exhaust in cabin - Zippy123
2007 3.2 multitronic driven hard.

Love the car but recently there is the smell / taste of exhaust fumes in the cabin, its not pleasant and I am not sure if its general pollution (Sussex / Kent) or the car.

Any ideas before I go to the dealer?

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07, 3.2 Multitronic. Smell of exhaust in cabin - moulder
if your smelling it every day its the car.

If its a petrol/oil smell maybe you have a missing bonnet seal between the scuttle tray and the engine bay or a grommet between the cabin and the engine bay.more likely to be the former if you have no noise aswell

you could always try shutting the roof too :-)

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07, 3.2 Multitronic. Smell of exhaust in cabin - Infanteer
For what it's worth, we had exactly the same problem with our diesel Galaxy as the temperature dropped for the first time last winter - really serious stink of burnt diesel in the cabin.

Speaking to the dealer we discovered that the heater matrix is actually diesel fuelled so if you turn the engine on with the climate control set to anything above the ambient temperature it fires itself up with a burst of diesel to produce hot air in advance of the engine warming up.

The cure for this was to switch the climate control off at the first turn of the key and then to put it back on once the car was moving and the engine was warming up. Bizarre - but it works. Perhaps you have something similar going on?


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