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For some reason everybody seems to think I am an expert on taxis! A friend has run a V6 Galaxy for the past 6/7 years. The running costs have always been high but this year there have been some horrendous servicing/repair costs (current mileage 140k). With ever larger ones looming he has decided to give up on it. Anyway Dick has never been what you would call a car enthusiast but prefers the more unusual. He did not learn to drive until his mid-twenties and his first car was an ancient Sunbeam Talbot 90! Dick has decided he now wants something totally different. The first choice was a VW camper but he has decided this is something for the future as although two children are no longer at home three still have to be transported regularly. Anyway he has decided a London taxi would be ideal and has a budget of about £5,000. Has anybody any experience of running one as a private car? Should he stick to an FX or are MetroCabs OK?, etc.
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How many private taxis do you see on the roads/driveways/Tescos. Very very few.

I wonder why that is!!
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I dont think 5g"s would buy an over good one as these things do silly mileage and are only taken off the roads due to failing the strict mot taxi test or they have sustained a good smack.
Your friend would be advised to do his homework very carefully
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I looked into buying an ex-taxi a couple of years back - it's not as daft an idea as some think. Spares are easy to come by, plenty mechanics know their way around them and if you go for the Nissan diesel powered ones even better. You must remember to keep the back doors locked however as people will just open the door and jump in.

Have a look at :

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>>Has anybody any experience of running one as a private car?

Ask the Duke of Edinburgh, he has had a few over the years (taxis included!) - I don' t know if he is a Backroomer however.
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A few years back I travelled from C London out to Oxfordshire in one, as the cabbie lived close by and we bought his services in a school charity auction.

Grim, dire, horrible, noisy and those are just the words I can use on this site. Fine for a 20 min trip across London at 12 mph, but I doubt it got above 60, and when it did reach max speed it was very uncomfortable.

There's lots more interesting cars around for his £5k. For half that he'd get a good W123 saloon, and for that figure he'd get a museum quality W123 estate.

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They are horrible to drive, and horrible to be in as a passenger. They only function (only just) as a taxi.

He'll get better fuel economy and better insurance quotes, going for a normal saloon. But if he is still interested there's often a few (currently 16 @ Belle Vue on the 14th Nov 2007) listed on BCA auctions.
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Also bear in mind that this is a vehicle that remained pretty much unchanged for the past 40 years.
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Also bear in mind that this is a vehicle that remained pretty much unchanged for
the past 40 years.

I for one can see nothing wrong in the above statement.

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"I for one can see nothing wrong in the above statement."

And I'd agree with you, it is the design of the car that makes it impractical, not its age, I would actually prefer a nice saloon car with a 40 yr old design (with power steering).

Plus they started making TX1 10 years ago, and stopped making the FX4, so the comment is slightly inaccurate, they were produced for 40 years, but started 50 years ago finishing 10 years ago.
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I will pass the comments over. About three years ago I did look at the Merc option for myself but none of the dozen or so I looked at (trade and private) seemed like an 'honest' car! People seem to hang on to them until they are totally past it; a la Peugeot 504 or Volvo 245s.

I imagine Dick's budget would bring in early TX series vehicles - or would they be too leggy at this price? Also any thoughts on the MetroCab - they seem somewwhat cheaper when I did a search on the web.
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There are a couple of companies who sell these vehicles and there is an owners club I believe - its like any car, no matter how dire it may be - someone will always find them endearing.

I have actually considered one myself, but in the end, a local car within easy reach won me over.
If your friend wants something different, then its the sort of left-field car that will make sense to him where it wont to a large proportion of the BR.

I had a buying guide to old Taxis somewhere, I was reading it fairly recently.
If you want me to dig it out and relay some of the info, let me know.
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Have not had the opportunity to log in for a few days. Many thanks for the offer. Dick was walking around with last week's copy of Classic Car Weekly which has a brief buying guide to the FX4. If you have something more comprehensive any useful snippets would be appreciated. His mind is made up although he is considering a late FX, earlyish TX and MetroCab - he's seeing an FX tomorrow.
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Perhaps late FXs have them, but hydraulic brakes with disc fronts and power steering are more or less mandatory unless you really enjoy roughing it.
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did i tell you who i had in the back last week?
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Just thought I would update you all with the outcome. Dick viewed two taxis, a TX1 and an FX4. The TX1 has a distinctly iffy service record since leaving London and plying for trade in the provinces so he moved on. The FX4 was a late model, which by the way have both PAS and disc brakes. However, there were too many bodywork problems. Driving back from the second viewing he saw a late model Volvo 245 for sale at the roadside. The car was immaculate and had a FSH, and within the hour he was the new owner. His 15 year old son, who is prone to travel sickness, loves it as the somehwat harsher ride suits him far better. The Galaxy was passed on for a minimal sum and blew its autotrans within a week. The main dealer had told Dick there was a problem developing and he (being one of the most honest people I have ever met) had mentioned it to the purchaser. Being in the trade, and having paid so little, the new owner is not fussed and says he will source a s/h box. Overall it seems a good outcome for everyone.
Buying Used Taxi - Martin Devon
did i tell you who i had in the back last week?
'Had' or transported??

Buying Used Taxi - Ex-Kangaroo Ground

First off, excellent stuff on Honest John.... right compliments out of the way.

Last month a colleague bought an LTI TX1 with a mere 351'000 on the clock as a runaround.

Apart from worn upper bushes and needing the usual filter changes an awesome machine.

Definitely not a get away car with a 0-60 of about 24secs but as an unstressful ride with yes, agricultural qualities, almost as good as my Toyota Landcruiser of the mid seventies.

Had it over a pit to steam clean and the underside seems to have been made from left overs from Tower Bridge, compared to the chicken bone dimensions of most modern suspension systems this has an almost Soviet approach to sturdy overspecification.

Being 6'2" the headroom is a real treat and to drive sitting upright rather than like a sheep on its back is a plus.

The controls are sensibly laid out though it took a while to figure out what all of them did as the icons had worn off. I have a Merc 190E which manages the same mpg on a relaxed run, about 31mpg which doesn't seem to affected by the load on board so thinking of driving it to Devon in a couple of weeks to see how my family like the passenger comforts for more than half an hour. A Jamaican cabbie told me that back home they will put a table in the back with holes cut in as cup holders and have six people in there playing dominoes. I'll let you know how that goes down on the A303.

The turning circle is great- if you decide to cut your losses in a traffic jam, strangely other drivers seem to expect wild and unexpected manouevres.

Actual cabbies have enthused over the Nissan 2.7litre engine, and given lots of helpful advice about parts and best maintenance practice. Some contributors have suggested they're only sold if they're about to die- mainly they're being sold as they've hit fifteen years and TfL won't allow them to operate as black cabs any longer. However that caveat may apply outside London.

I'd say if you can spare the dosh buy one just for the fun of it, something to tell your grandkids when we're all going around in automated pods...or of course walking.

Thanks again for the site HJ

Buying Used Taxi - Sofa Spud

From January next year, all new London taxis will have to be to be zero emission capable, which means electric or hybrid, with a capability of travelling in pure electric mode for (I think) 30 miles. The latest 'standard 'London taxi, the recently announced TX5, can travel travel up to 70 miles on its battery.

What this means is that in the next few years secondhand TX1 diesel taxis will flood onto the market and so will become cheap. Most will get snapped up by small-town taxi operators away from the big cities, I guess.

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The V6 galaxy is very very rare now

I had one and although a people carrier it was a car I enjoyed


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