DCI injector removal - Espace 2.2 DCi ??? - SS069

I've been experiencing some problems of cutting out under load with my Espace 2.2 DCi, upon furthe investigation I foind that injector No 4 is leaking, spitting out diesel & air.

I have found out that I can have the injector reconditioned or buy a replacement off EBAY for £90.

How do you remove the injector ? - I have rmoved the beedback pipe & the electrical connection to see if I could determine the size of hole sised socket is required.

Looking at the injectors on EBAY, they must be held in place by a clamp of some sort & if this is the case, my problem may be caused by a knackered seal.

I don't want to start to try forcing out the injectore befor I have some info on what I need to do to remove the injector first.

Any assistance is very much appreciated.


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DCI injector removal - Espace 2.2 DCi ??? - Screwloose

It can be a head-off job to extract a common-rail injector. There are special hydraulic rams to pull them out.

They often leak combustion products from the base washer and, as removal destroys the injector, leaving it alone is often the preferred option.

Secondhand injectors rarely work and an e-bay one for only £90 will be rubbish.

It's also unlikely to be your cutting out problem; far more likely to be a rail pressure sensor - have the codes read.

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