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Hi All

My wife and I have just bought a 'Y' reg Nissan Almera Tino 2.2Di SE+. Unforntunately I never checked the operation of the window wipers.

The first shower we had highlighted the problem.

It seems that when the window screen is dry/damp/wet, the wipers struggle to complete a full cycle and they stop at various places on the screen.

Is there a rain sensor on this car that needs cleaning? (nothing is mentioned in the hand book).

Could the stork on the steering column be faulty?

Is the wiper motor on the way out?

Also worth a mention is that the rear wiper doesn't work at all, but i haven't checked the fuse yet. The control for this is on the same stork as the front wipers.

Any information would be ratefully received

Many Thanks

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Y reg 2.2Di - Window wipers not working properly - McP
I had the same problem on my 97 Primera.

It was caused by the motor.
£35 from a breakers.

Mine was riveted together,so I drilled the rivets out just to have a look.

There are copper brushes on the end of the motor that press against an incomplete copper ring.
When the brush hits the part of the ring where there is no copper, the motor knows it is in the park position.
I could probably have fixed it but didn't want to be without wipers.

I am not familiar with the Almera or Tino but would imagine that it is similar if not the same.

Y reg 2.2Di - Window wipers not working properly - bell boy
nissan wipers seem to be a weak link on otherwise good cars
ascertain if they do a full cycle by trying them off the screen
the rear wiper might be a red herring but could be switch related
its usually linkages rather than motors i find though,unless the swivels are seized?


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