How much Mondeo for £3.5k - Pezzer
Well my much loved 120d is going back to the Lease Co in a few weeks and the cash alternative is going into bricks and mortar. So the logical option seems like a 2.0l petrol Mondy. I've seen that 51/02 Plate examples are possible on Autotrader, what would I be able to pick up at auction - could anybody advise please.

I'm open to any other suggestions that you might have, but I do want something that is enjoyable to drive if possible. I do 12/13 k miles a year and have two growing boys and a Springer Spaniel to shift.

Thanks in advance

How much Mondeo for £3.5k - TurboD
Just looking at this. They depreciate like pears, I have a 2005. But it will not be economical as your diesel. best 35mpg round town 25-30.
But probably not hav the diesel hassle that others seem to have.
How much Mondeo for £3.5k - Pezzer
Thanks for that it doesnt seem too bad to me. I've not driven one yet, but the general consensus on here seems to suggest they arent bad.

Is Zetec just a trim level or does it affect the suspension set up too ? You are right I think I will avoid the Tdci as I dont fancy the consequences of all that "water contamination".

How much Mondeo for £3.5k - tanvir
I think it's just a trim level.

Zetec S
Ghia X

I would avoid the LX, even though it's good value and there's lots about. It's not bad, just has that base model stigma
How much Mondeo for £3.5k - Martin Devon
Base model ideal then. If it's got a/c. ABS. Leccy windows and heated mirrors who on earth needs more?

Best reg's.....MD
How much Mondeo for £3.5k - OldSock
If it's got a/c. ABS. Leccy windows and heated mirrors who
on earth needs more?

So you never took that GCSE in Marketing then, Martin!! :-)

But then neither did I - and I fully agree with you.
How much Mondeo for £3.5k - rtj70
Zetec S is the one with 18" wheels and possibly lower suspension. I test drove one of them once and was surprised the ride was not too firm actually.

Zetec is indeed a trim level.
How much Mondeo for £3.5k - Stuartli
In March 2005 my best mate paid around £8,800 for a year old 2.0 petrol Mondeo Ghia (about £1,000 less from Arnold Clark than he would have paid elsewhere) - when he changes it in the near future he's not expecting any great private or PX price for it.

So you may well be surprised what you can find for £3.5k that's even newer than you would anticipate.
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How much Mondeo for £3.5k - Pezzer
Stuartli, to my untrained eye I think your mate got a good deal and I suspect you are right about earlier examples being available, but from Autotrader scans they tend to have Starship mileage.
I'm not quite at the point of dipping my toe in water yet as my car goes back at the end of next month but when the time comes I hope you are right :-)
How much Mondeo for £3.5k - Stuartli
>>I think your mate got a good deal >>

Yes, he did, but the Mondeo Ghias were being advertised at £8,995 at the time nationwide - they were actually cheaper than some lower spec models. Mileage was quite low.

In fact he bought two at the time and, with the two PX Y-reg Mondeos involved plus some benefits, the actual cost to change was remarkably low.

I detailed the deal at the time in these forums and one or two forum members stated they would follow up the then Arnold Clark offer.

At the moment he's toying with buying a brand new latest Mondeo rather than wait until secondhand examples become more available.
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What\'s for you won\'t pass you by
How much Mondeo for £3.5k - Blurred
I paid 3.5k for my 51 plate 2.0l zetec mondeo. 2 and a bit years ago at auction.

Thermostat failed and some suspension pieces needed replacing in 40k miles. I replaced the rear bushes with the aftermarket ones for longevity and a better ride.
Very pleased with the value, drive and reliability. 35-37 mpg on mostly A road's, heavy traffic.

Will be selling shortly for a new c class, expecting to get about 2k for it @ 100k. Imagine I will pick up another one from auction as a second car in a couple of years.

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