cylinder head repair - 1910cc - 100TDiesel - horatio
1910cc - 100TDiesel

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas what can be done to fix this cylinderhead.

You see the water way bottom left has clearly defined edges - as it should be.
water way bottom right has corrosion round the edges, a lot of the water ways are like this, and as shown are corroded on the side next to the piston chamber. The corrosion is such that it eats into what should be the "no-mans land"/face between waterway and piston chamber The corrosion is quite deep 1mm or more so skimming will not remove the corrosion without ruining the cylinderhead.

Is there anyway this can be welded and then skimmed? How much would that cost? there are about 10 - 15 waterways affected.

Or do I just shove it back together and hope for the best, when / if it fails again, scrap it.

cylinderhead repair - horatio
Still no edit function I see,

Forgot to add it has a steel gasket of the ASTADUR type.
cylinderhead repair - bell boy
why did you take the head off anyway? couldnt you sleep?
i would put it back and run it till if ever it broke through the dam ,but this time i would put the correct antifreeze in the block to slow the corrosion down ;-o
cylinderhead repair - horatio
Because the HG was blown.

It has done 180K miles, I have no idea how long it was run without antifreeze, was not my car until a few weeks ago.

cylinderhead repair - horatio
Oh and another question,

It has two thin metal gaskets on the exhaust manifold, what would happen if I re-used these? Or does it have to be new ones?

Same question for a thin metal water pipe / cylinder head gasket. Re - use or new only?
cylinderhead repair - bell boy
i often reuse exhaust manifols gaskets if they are in good condition,possibly with a bit of stp bloseal on both sides
if water pipe is thin through corrosion i would change it the punto"s seem to have this malady as well (better safe than sorry)
dont understand the cylinder head gasket bit im afraid? the days of seedless jam on a perfect looking h/gasket died with the old marina :-(
cylinderhead repair - horatio
The water pipe bit is referring to a thin metal gasket between a water pipe and the cylinder head, I was asking can I reuse this gasket? Probably better not to as it dealing with water. Sorry I was not too clear on that bit.

I may-re use the exhaust one. Guess it depends how much they cost new.

I think any repair of the cylinder head is going to be too expensive - but I was curious if it something that people do or something that theoretically can be done. I'll throw the lot back together and see what happens.

I have been advised to use a bit of blue hylomar on the metal rim around each piston, not touching the black gasket (as far as is possible) because these Astradur gaskets like to have a clean surface.

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